Wolcen servers return online after a rocky launch weekend

Over the weekend, players flocked to Diablo Wolcen’s brand new action RPG: Lords Of Mayhem (formerly known as Umbra), so many players, in fact, that the servers were unable to manage it and began to eliminate people’s things. On Saturday and Sunday the developers worked to bring everything in order, restoring a previous save so that players could recover the characters and the progress of the missions that had just begun to disappear.

The servers are back online now, but what the hell went wrong?

Well, Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem is too popular.

The new hack and slash left early on Thursday and almost immediately began to suffer from the influx of players. Initially, the developers released an update that seemed rather jovial, they were grateful for people’s interest and apologized for the inconvenience.

The next update came on Friday listing many of the known problems – including the characters that disappear, the objects placed in your chest that disappear online and the progression of the search … well, they are disappearing. A hotfix was applied later that day, but unfortunately the problems didn’t end there and the game remained offline for almost 20 hours.

In their most recent post, they explain in more detail what went wrong and how they managed to fix it:

“This problem was caused by too large a number of requests that caused the database to fall. We contacted our partners and sought a solution with them, but this involved rolling back to a previous save of the database just before the update. fast.

“Since then, we have been working with our partners to restore the database and merge it with the current one, while solving the problems that caused these incidents.

“Unfortunately, other complications have appeared in the process that have led us to continually reject the ETAs that we have provided to resolve the situation, and we are still working hard to resolve these issues and make sure that the game works properly online, which may still require weather.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that we are working 24/7 to fix everything and ensure that you will have a pleasant experience when you return to online mode.”

Online servers are backing up for now, although developers are still investigating some issues Asia Pacific servers. It is worth noting that even when the online mode doesn’t work you should still be able to play offline.

Hence, Wolcen is trying to be quite popular back then. Although they may not have the servers to manage it, the developers already have a large number of players invested in their game. When the servers came back online yesterday, they immediately reached their absolute peak of concurrent players of 127,542 (returning to the beginning of their peak was only 1934).

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem is available on Steam right now, and if you feel like trying it, Dave has made a practical Wolcen guide to help you get started.


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