Wolf boss Nuno wants to give fans who pay £ 55 a reason to smile at Man Utd

Wolf boss Nuno wants to give fans who pay £ 55 a reason to smile at Man Utd

Nuno Espirito Santo aims to give wolf fans good value for Manchester United tonight after admitting his disappointment that some supporters are paying £ 55 a ticket.

Tramps must play again at Old Trafford after the clubs drew 0-0 at Molineux in the original third round draw.

It is their 38th game of the season and non-WWFC non-WWF fans have to shell out £ 55 to enter.

Chief Nuno said, “It’s too much, isn’t it? Make it cheaper. I’d prefer that the fans don’t pay too much, but I can’t help it.”

Despite an extensive list of games since he started qualifying for the Europa League in July, Nuno insists that his team is not tired.

Nuno Espirito Santo wants to value wolf fans at Old Trafford

He is firing them for their replay after reaching the FA Cup semi-finals last season. Nuno added: “It is one of the most important football stadiums. We have to be motivated and we are.

“We want to compete and try to play well. We must be organized and therefore use our talent to compete well.

“Every occasion we have to play at Old Trafford is that we have to enjoy and embrace it, but it will be tough.”

Nuno wants his team to start games better after conceding the first goal in each of the last six Premier League games.

The Wolves’ English Cup third round game against United ended in a 0-0 draw against Molineux

But he is preparing for the game tonight to go to the wire and also potentially penalties. He admitted: “Each player has suffered his penalties in practice.

“In the event of overtime, we need to evaluate the players on the pitch and make the right decisions.

“But let’s try to reproduce the situation in advance.

“Let’s walk the player from the halfway line and take his time to concentrate and concentrate and take his penalty, it’s his moment.

Nuno said he is ready for the game to go on penalties

“I firmly believe that routines create habits.”

United has just been ranked the third richest in the world with £ 627 million in revenue, behind only Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Nuno, whose team was promoted in 2018, said: “Our ambitions are measured by how we compete, where we come from and how we are doing things.”


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