A criminal on a liquor and drug drunk of 72 hours hit his girlfriend so hard with a machete that he broke.

The anxious woman said: "the man of her dreams became the man of her nightmares" when their relationship became violent, a court heard.

Aron Jae Condor, of Clayton in Manchester, turned on his girlfriend and left her with potentially life-threatening injuries in the mad attack in the early hours of the morning, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The muscle of her right shoulder remained visible after he cut through and she told Manchester Crown Court that she now had a mental and physical life for the damage he had done to her.

The woman had slept when the 40-year-old blows on her head and back with the blade began to rain.

The couple had met in the summer of 2016 and had a relationship of 18 months.

It all started well, the court heard, but the suspect began to suffer from "increasing attacks of depressions fueled by alcohol and drugs".

The relationship became violent and Condor became paranoid.

It was on February 24 this year, after Condor was high on alcohol and drugs from a three-day bender, that he carried out his brutal attack.

The couple had questioned the content of a "harmless" WhatsApp message in the early hours of the morning.

The Crown Court of Manchester heard how the victim suffered life-threatening injuries

Toxicological reports showed that Condor had cannabis, alcohol and a metabolite of cocaine in his system, Ms. Andrea Lock, who continued, told the court.

His ex decided to go to sleep in another room after he had become verbally aggressive, and made a conscious decision to stay fully dressed in case she had to escape quickly.

She had only slept for about 10 or 15 minutes when she "woke up to see how he was fucking her on her back and head," Miss Lock said.

The victim thought she was beaten, but then noticed that she was bleeding heavily and saw that the strokes were coming from the blade of a large machete, what & # 39; catastrophic wounds & # 39; caused, Miss Lock said.

"He hit her so hard that the knife was separated from the handle," she added.

Condor then straightened up and "hacked his neck, causing a crack".

This gave his victim the chance to escape – she ran away from the bedroom and to the house of a neighbor, who heard her cry for help at about 4.45 am, the court was told.

"The injuries were potentially life-threatening and they could have had catastrophic, fatal consequences," Miss Lock said.

His victim still suffers from "extreme physical discomfort", but she is serving a "life sentence" for the mental impact he had on her.

An example of a cutting knife

In a victim statement in court, she said: "The events on February 24 will remain with me for the rest of my life." The man of my dreams became the man of my nightmares.

"I still struggle to get my head around why he did it."

In the victim's impact statement, she remembered how she felt weaker after the attack, but she got the strength to say goodbye to her father, who only had a few days to live.

"I thought: I will not go anymore, I can not see my father," she said.

Tragically, she never said goodbye while he died while she was in the hospital.

The injuries of the attack were so bad that she struggled to do basic tasks for herself, such as tying her up or preparing food and needing help from her mother.

"In the days when my mother had to mourn for my father, she helped me cut my food into pieces and help me get out of bed," she said.

"I was unable to tie my own hair or replace my own sanitary napkin."

The court heard a new victim protection statement, from November 29 this year, in which she said she is still traumatized & # 39; was and suffered from physical pain.

She has been diagnosed with a post-traumatic stress disorder and has been prescribed antidepressants.

The police found cannabis at Condor's house

When officers arrived home at Condor after the attack, they also discovered that they grew 30 cannabis plants in two rooms, with a wholesale value of between £ 3,000 and £ 8,000.

Condor pleaded guilty to a count of Section 18 injury and a count of producing a controlled class B drug (cannabis) and abstracting electricity at an earlier hearing.

The court heard that Condor had received a community fine in 2014 for two battery charges after an incident outside a takeaway for chickens.

Defensively, Mark Firefighter told the court that Condor is repentant about what he has done, although he is aware that it is "no consolation" for his victim.

He swore he would never take drink or drugs again, he told the court.

Conviction, judge Michael Leeming said that the photos of the victim's injuries were "just shocking".

He said, "She had a 15cm tear over her right shoulder, the muscle was exposed, she had a 10cm tear in the back of her scalp, skull, and fingers."

He pointed out that the victim, who was in court to serve her ex-right, had a tattoo next to a deep scar on her right shoulder.

He said, "She was proud of that tattoo, and if she is wearing short sleeves or bikinis, that scar will be clear, and you can easily understand how confident she is."

Judge Leeming told the court how the victim is still unable to work and still relies on her mother for help.

He condemned Condor to a total of 12 years and eight months in prison on Friday.

He also received a restraining order, which means he can not see the victim for an indefinite period of time.

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