Woman hears a doctor’s head flying in scenes “worse than anything seen in A&E”

A a young woman had to be detained by six people after leading a doctor on an Etihad flight in scenes that he said were “worse than anything she had seen in A&E,” she heard a court, having been jailed for six months.

Demi Burton, 20, attacked passengers and cabin crew on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Manchester when alcohol was refused.

Burton boarded the plane while drunk and continued drinking red wine until the flight attendants told her they would no longer serve her.

The decision was made after she made a series of inappropriate sexual comments that included asking two flying men to join her in the “high miles club”.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard the 20-year-old shouting: “Now you can even land the plane!” when she was refused alcohol before embarking on a drunken fury that witnesses claimed lasted up to four hours.

The staff of the Etihad flight attempted to calm Burton only to knock his head, massacre him and chase them away during a violent fight.

It took six crew members and passengers to detain her and she was arrested when the plane landed.

An anesthesiologist consultant who traveled in flight, bitten in the elbow and hit the head while helping to restrain Burton, claimed that it was worse than working in A&E.


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