A woman who received Botox filler in a house of her friends had to go to A & E because her lips were so swollen.

Broughton Astley's Rachael Knappier was at a friend's house party when she was treated on her forehead.

But after some conviction, she also opted for Lippenfüller.

Her lips swelled dramatically after treatment and forced the 29-year-old to go to the emergency room for treatment.

When Miss Knappier contacted the beautician who performed the treatment, she asked her to take an antihistamine and use an ice pack to reduce the swelling.

At the hospital, she was told that the NHS would not dissolve the Botox, and instead she had to travel to London.

There, the Consultant Clinic dissolved the filler and 72 hours later her lips were back to normal.

Rachael Knappier after the treatment

Miss Knappier, the head of a law firm, claims Botox has been injected into an artery.

Since then, she has petitioned for the requirement to perform aesthetic medical treatments only by doctors, nurses and dentists.

Miss Knappier wrote on Facebook: "This is the result of lip fillers from a beautician who is unable to afford vital emergency medicine when things go wrong.

"The filler she injected resulted in necrosis, the death of the soft tissue of my lip.

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I understand that I have a duty to thoroughly research the person performing this type of treatment and the premises in which it is stored. However, the recommendation comes from a friend who has taken her.

"Hopefully, this will help someone make a more informed decision before considering esthetic treatment with a beautician."

To sign the petition, click here.