A woman says she was almost blind in one eye after two eggs she cooked in the microwave had exploded in her face.

She also suffered terrible facial burns as a result of the accident, which she describes as "the worst day of my life to date".

Bethany Rosser Googled instructions for preparing boiled eggs for breakfast with a microwave.

The 22-year-old was following the advice she had read online – indicating that it was safe to microwave the eggs for six minutes at 600 watts without bursting while adding salt.

After Bethany took her out of the microwave to cool down, she checked the eggs in the pitcher to make sure they were ready when they exploded.

The insurer remembers having heard a huge bang and felt burning on the right side of her face, immediately phoning 999.

Bethany from Redditch, Worcestershire, acted quickly and put her face in cold water, but said she could already feel the skin peeling off her face.

Bethany had googled for instructions on cooking eggs with a microwave

She was then taken to the burn department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, where she was treated, including wet bandages over her face, and stayed overnight.

Doctors can not tell if Bethany's right eye is permanently damaged.

This is because it was sealed because of the swelling.

She added that she was advised that the burns would leave no scars – but she could expect a long-term discoloration of the skin.

When Bethany came out of the hospital where she is, she said, "It felt awful, I was in agony. For hours, I could feel my skin burning – even while being treated in the hospital.

Bethany was hospitalized after calling 999

"It felt like my skin was peeling off, it was so scary.

"I've never been so scared in my life – I was shaking and crying."

She continued, "The accident yesterday was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and it was undoubtedly the worst day of my life so far.

"And to believe that the damage is to my face and eye, the main focus of every body is on his face, and now I'm risking scars and potentially damaged vision – over eggs."

Doctors can not tell if Bethany's right eye is permanently damaged

Bethany follows the advice of an online website and insists that she did everything right.

But since her accident she has discovered that she is not the only one who makes the crucial mistake.

"I have a cousin who did the same, luckily the explosion happened in the microwave, not in her face," Bethany said.

"There is also a friend in the family whose eggs burst when he took them out of the microwave – but fortunately they did not hit him in the face."

She added, "It's clearly dangerous because many people have had the same explosion of eggs in the microwave, which I honestly would not risk.