Over the next two weeks, we look back on unforgettable 10-year marathons and world-class tennis from the wildest and most daring WTA.

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When a match in the third round reaches the list of the 10 best in the decade, it must be something special, and this edition of the long-standing, ever-exciting saga of Venus against Kvitova was certain. While the game was played in the middle of the first week of the tournament, it felt like a finale on Center Court this sunny afternoon. Both women were former Wimbledon champions and both were favorites to win again this year. With good reason: After squealing past Venus, Kvitova did not drop another set on the way to the title.

Some games on this list were upside down, others were big upsets. Venus-Kvitova was an inevitably serious contest with equally consistent wills and abilities. The game started at the highest level of quality and was never interrupted as both women had full control of their bonuses.

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The rallies were short and ended mostly with winners. There were only two breaks: Venus broke 6: 5 to win the first set and Kvitova broke 6: 5 to win the third set. A bleak Venus summed up what the afternoon meant.

"I want to win Grand Slams," she said. "Everyone does … Look at what happened today. Nobody gives it to you. They snap it off and say, "my". "

Kvitova grabbed her and with her came her second Wimbledon title.