Woop Woop: Is Ron Moore still making a Star Wars series after all?

So far it looks more like it would Disney the fabric of Star Wars – Underworldthat of George Lucas written, but never developed series, now cannibalized in various series projects. Years ago as the first Star Wars-The real series was considered for the actual project for that time ABC never out of the developing hell. Could that change after all?

Because Ron Moore, known for diverse Star Trek-Series for which he wrote and developed some episodes Battlestar Galactica-Reboot, now has a big deal with Disney For 20th Television completed. In 2011, together with other international scriptwriters and Lucas, he had regular meetings at the Skywalker Ranch, where ideas were developed, scripts were written and brought back to the next meeting – in this way around 48 scripts were created, Moore revealed in an earlier interview.

So could the new one Disney-Deal with Moore after all, one developed by him Star Wars-Create real series? Moore would like that to be something he still has in the back of his mind, but let’s be honest Disneys The plan is already full of louder Star Wars-Series, right now would not be a good time to pitch, he explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

But who knows what will be possible in the future. Moore is currently busy with other projects for Disney+ like one Swiss Family RobinsonSeries and one The Society of Explorers and AdventurersSeries – the latter revolves around all of the characters from the Disney-Theme parks that come together in this series.

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