Work humiliation: moment unleashes outrage at the candidate's misleading question - "Why ask!" | Politics | news

Work humiliation: moment unleashes outrage at the candidate's misleading question - "Why ask!" | Politics | news

Instead of asking their followers which Labor party leader and vice candidate they should have approved, they sent a ballot paper asking for “yes” or “no” for only two candidates. A statement reads: “Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG) met today to discuss the upcoming leadership elections.

After an in-depth discussion, they decided to vote on Momentum members by supporting Rebecca Long-Bailey as leader and Angela Rayner as deputy.

“While it is urgent that left-wing candidates get the support they need, the NCG believes that members should be voted on on such an important issue.

“They unanimously recommend that our movement support Rebecca Long-Bailey as leader.

It is the only valid candidate that can build on our socialist agenda, deepen democracy in the party and unite all our hearts in the next elections.

“We also recommend supporting Angela Rayner as deputy leader.

“We need a leader and deputy director who trusts in reaching others, who works well together and will unite our party in opposition to the Tories.”

Online users quickly stressed the absurdity in Momentum’s vote.

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Five MPs made the list of job managers.

Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy, Jess Phillips, Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry are the last five who have obtained enough votes.

Clive Lewis retired a few minutes before the deadline.

Rosena Allin Khan, Richard Burgon, Dawn Butler, Ian Murray and Rayner also made it into the run for vice president.

Sir Keir said: “I am delighted to have received support from colleagues in Parliament to move on to the next stage of this competition.

“This was a good start and respectful of the debate on the future of the Labor Party.

“So far many important candidates have been raised by all candidates in the race.”

Sir Keir is the favorite to take on the role by some margin.

Former Labor leader Ed Miliband said he named Sir Keir because he is the best candidate for “handing over 21st century socialism”.

He also appointed Rayner as deputy candidate for leadership to have “the ability to inspire our party and movement.”

The Labor Party is trying to meet after Jeremy Corbyn’s torrid general elections.

The party suffered its worst defeat since 1935.

Corbyn will retire this year to make way for a new leader.

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