CLEVELAND, Ohio – Is not it a few days ago that we were all frozen?

On Sunday, the maximum was 57 degrees in Cleveland and 55 degrees in Akron. The maximum expected for Monday is 60 degrees in Cleveland and 58 in Akron.

In less than a week, we went from an Arctic cold to an early spring.

It will be hot today, but there are some disadvantages. It will be cloudy and there will be gusts, with bursts in Cleveland approaching 30 mph and reaching around 25 mph at Akron.

Rain may occur in the middle of the afternoon and showers are likely in the early evening, but they will not be strong, with less than an inch in Cleveland and about 0.1 in Akron.

Temperatures will drop overnight from Monday to Tuesday and will peak in the mid-30s in Cleveland and around 40 in Akron. It will be mainly cloudy but dry.

On Wednesday, there will be a possibility of freezing rain before temperatures return to mid-40s. Thursday, the highs could be again in the 50s with more rain possible.


Sunset: 17h46