A New Zealand copywriter positively influenced a chatting session with his superiors by hiring a clown.

When Josh Thompson met with the Human Resources Department of FCB New Zealand and was released, a clown was sitting next to him all the time offering "support," including creating balloon animals.

Under New Zealand employment rules, employers are required by law to allow all participants in serious meetings to have another person's presence, especially if the person's future in the organization is under discussion.

When Thompson was called into the meeting, he had a good idea that the game was over. His company, where he had worked for five months, had lost a major customer. That meant jobs were at stake.

Picture credits: Josh Thompson
Picture credits: Josh Thompson

Where others moped and cursed their luck, Thompson – who is a stand-up comedian in his spare time – saw an opportunity for a gag.

He hired a clown named Joe to accompany him.

Joe is not just any clown. In fact, it cost $ 200 (£ 100), which is quite a lot for some balloon animals.

Josh told the BBC, "I've been working – because I had a job back then – and I got an email and the email said:" Hello Josh, we'd like to meet with you in relation to some matters to discuss your role. & # 39;

"Basically, I sensed that this would be a redundancy and thought I might as well try to make the most of this situation."

That's exactly what he did.

Picture credits: Josh Thompson
Picture credits: Josh Thompson

Joe sat and played with balloons, though it was getting too loud to hear. Therefore, he was asked to stop and even responded accordingly when the verdict was pronounced.

Joe continued, "He nodded his head as I received the bad news, as if he also received the bad news.

"Professionalism at its best."

Despite the bad news that he was fired, the experience for Josh is now positive.

He added, "If you have family, friends, stepmothers, stepfathers, stepchildren, be sure to bring them with you.

"But if there is a clown, especially Joe, I would definitely recommend him."

Picture credits: Josh Thompson
Picture credits: Josh Thompson

There you have it. Being fired does not have to be a terrible live event. It can also be bizarre and unusual.

But do not feel bad for Josh. He has since found work for an Australian advertising company called DDB. He starts next week.

As far as Joe is concerned, we hope that this is a new and lucrative side of his business.