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Last Saturday the 20th we could see in our canal de Twitch coverage in Spanish of the questions and answers about World of Warcraft Shadowlands during Blizzcon. An overview of what we saw with that new Anduin cinematic and what is to come with patch 9.1, in this article we will show you the answers that the World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Chain of Dominations development team gave during Blizzcon.

Questions and answers.

What did Uther’s Gaze to Anduin mean?
Uther recognized Anduin as the power of the jaws, his wound reacting to its presence.

¿Sylvanas as a Raid boss?
The encounter against Sylvanas will be one of the most epic battles ever made in WoW, it will include elements of all its history, from being general of the rangers to becoming Soul in Sorrow, everything will be part of the encounter.

When I decide to move my character from Classic to The Burning Crusade and my character is cloned, will I keep my items and gold?
Before the release of the TBC pre-patch, the characters will be paralyzed and the servers will go offline. When they return, the players will have to make a decision, if they decide to play in TBC, you just have to enter and continue playing with your character without any change. If instead you choose the Classic Era, you will have to open the Blizzard client and select the WoW Classic servers. Realms will exist in both Classic and TBC. If you have selected the Classic Era, you will have to pay a small price to have your character, gold and items as well and TBC

What will be done with the large TB population? The areas of this expansion are very small.
We intend to restore the capture system of the different zones (PvP) and we want to make it a really fun experience. We have worked on the optimization and stability of our servers and we will closely monitor possible problems that may arise.

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Any new race / class combination?
This response was extremely long, the summary is: “No, but we will never say we never will”

What happened to the Archon?
She is alive, she survived the attack, we can see her moving her hand when Anduin withdraws the weapon from her body.

Do you have plans aimed at the imbalance between the Horde and Alliance factions?
It’s something we’ve been talking about a lot with each other, especially in the high-level, raid, and mythic + scene and it’s becoming a growing problem. Originally this was due to a couple of mismatches in pre-expansion racial skills, but right now they are readjusted and in fact the Alliance is possibly more powerful, but right now the problem is social and we have to find a social solution. It is our highest priority but at the moment we have nothing to announce. The game is balanced but the social activities are not.

Will my name be reserved on the Classic server if you play TBC?
If you clone your character, yes.

There seems to be a mass exodus to the servers with the largest population. Are there plans to include more kingdoms connected to each other? (Macroservers)
We will continue to wait and analyze the balance between factions and population before making any decisions.

So Horde and Alliance can never do Raids or Mythic + together?
We will never say that we never will. It is important to maintain the identity of the two factions but at the end of the day World of Warcraft tries to play with friends, in fact in the arenas the alliance can already fight against the alliance in the arenas and vice versa.

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Will the amount of anima we earn be increased? Will the progress of the sanctuary of curiae be linked to account?
The amount of Anima received in dungeons and raids has been increased. We continue to observe the cost of everything, but items such as cosmetics are tied to account. The idea is that progress takes us to cover the entire Shadowlands

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Will we see Denathrius again?
Like Bwonsamdi, he has been very well received by the community, and the Sire still has allies who may want to rescue him from his prison, he still has an important role to play.

Will we see new dynastic armor?
We will definitely see more and we are looking forward to sharing it with the community.

Will the auction house get to the mobile application?
Not at the moment, the auction house has quite unique properties and it is difficult to integrate them into the mobile application, but we know that it is a very useful feature.

Will there be more customization options in Shadowlands?

What will be the requirements to be able to fly in Shadowlands?
We will have to complete the campaign of our curia, which will allow us to fly through all the Shadowlands, but to travel between the different kingdoms we will have to continue using the flight master.

Is there an intention to make class changes in TBC?

Will we have new anima powers in Torghast?
Yes. And we will be able to see it during the 9.0.5 patch release in March and 9.1 later.

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How does the weather affect the Shadowlands?
It doesn’t seem to have any kind of relevance or meaning.

Would you consider bringing content for 10 players?
You can currently make 10-player content and we’ve included this mega dungeon with this Chains of Domination patch to give a group of 5 players the feeling of being in a raid.

Will there be Summoning Stones with the TBC release?

Will Bolvar be part of Shadowlands history again?
We all want to see how he uses that powerful hammer that he carries. But the visions that helped us find Thrall, Jaina, or Bane come at a high price. We will definitely see him become part of Chains of Domination.

How will PvP titles work in TBC without the battlegrounds?
The restrictions that existed in the past are no longer present today. So they want a very small percentage of players around the world to be able to reach these titles.

Will Teldrassil be rebuilt?
In Stormwind, if you ask the refugees, they talk about going home when the smoke and ashes are gone. Still the story of Teldrassil is not finished, we will discover more in the jaws and there is much to know about Tyrande Whisperwind.

Will there be new servers with the departure of TBC?
At the moment, no.

How do I get the Ancestor’s mount?
Just having Shadowlands and starting with patch 9.0.5 next month!

So far the coverage of the World of Warcraft question and answer session that has helped shed more light on this new patch that we will have very soon in the Shadowlands. Tell us, is there something you would have liked to ask? Leave a comment below!

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