World of Warcraft: Watch the Winning Cosplay at BlizzCon 2021 Convention

In addition to its presentation of company launches and video games, the virtual event of BlizzCon 2021 held its traditional contest cosplay to choose the best representative of your characters this year. The winner of this edition took it Hartigancosplay and its extraordinary cosplay de Bolvar Fordragon de World of Warcraft.

From head to toe, Hartigan transformed himself into the embodiment of this warrior with an enormous amount of detail in his representation, including the lights on his body and mallet that simulate the fire of the dragons he survived.

There’s a person under that cosplay, seriously | Photo: Hartigancosplay (Twitter)

Hartigancosplay (Twitter) is now the proud winner of the BlizzConline 2021 pageant held digitally. But besides an excellent cosplay of Bolvar Fordragon (World of Warcraft) Hartigan shared a video where with some help he becomes the imposing warrior of the world of art of war.

Bolvar Cosplay Transformation - World Of Warcraft

What did you think of this cosplay of World of Warcarft Who won the BlizzCon 2021 contest?

With information from: Blizzard Entertainment


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