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Trump’s balance sheet: promises kept, promises broken

A wall on Mexico, abolish Obamacare, tax gifts for everyone, not golf: Trump’s most important election promises and what became of them. © Getty Images 2016 election campaign: Trump supporters advertise their candidate in Iowa. Promises kept, promises broken – Donald Trump made great promises in 2016 to get elected. According to data from the non-partisan fact-checking site “”, Trump did not hold about half of them. Now he is running for a second term. A good reason to check what became of eleven of his most important promises: 1.

The cards are shuffled new: What the US President’s policy can mean for Great Britain, the European Union and Brexit.

The Brexit referendum abruptly ended the political careers of Britain’s two leaders. And like Cameron before, he rejected the demand to quickly apply for the exit from the EU in Brussels. “Only the UK can trigger Article 50,” said Osborne.

a close up of a man: U.S. President Donald Trump reacts during the third and final presidential debate with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S., October 22, 2020. REUTERS/Jim Bourg/Pool © REUTERS / Jim Bourg / Pool US President Donald Trump reacts during the third and final presidential debate with Democratic President Joe Biden, candidate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, October 22, 2020. REUTERS / Jim Bourg / Pool Exclusive: Sir Nigel Sheinwald, former British Ambassador to the United States, tells Business Insider that President Trump will seek to take advantage of ‘Britain’s post-Brexit weakness in a re-election. Boris Johnson has a warm personal relationship with the President, but the White House has taken an increasingly bullish stance on Britain in recent months, Sheinwald said. Sheinwald said, “The mood [von Washington nach Großbritannien] has become increasingly hectic and dominant. I think that will likely intensify when President Trump wins a second term. All bars, all restrictions are deactivated. ‘Sheinwald, who served in Washington between 2007 and 2012, said a Biden administration was in the UK’s best interests. More information about can be found on the Business Insider homepage.

President Trump will try to “exploit” Britain’s “weakness” after Brexit if he wins a second term, according to the former top British diplomat in the US.

Trump and Biden ask voter questions

    Trump and Biden ask voter questions

A television evening as a symbol for the election campaign: Instead of answering urgent questions in front of an audience in one room, Donald Trump and Joe Biden appear at competing events. © Jim Watson / Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images Provided by Deutsche Welle After the cancellation of their TV duel because of the recent corona infection of Donald Trump, the US President and his challenger Joe Biden asked questions from voters on two TV channels at the same time . Almost three weeks before the election on 3.

Great Britain decides on Brexit – what happens next? Is the EU falling apart? Will Scotland and Northern Ireland now leave the UK? The British believe that they will be able to bind themselves more closely to non-European countries in the future. The special connection to the USA plays a role here

Great Britain Currencies Money + Investments Brexit. Nick MacPherson, former Secretary of State for the UK Treasury, warns that the fall of the pound after the Brexit vote had even less positive effects.

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, who worked in Washington between 2007 and 2012, told Business Insider that President Trump had only a “superficial” interest in Britain, even though he and Johnson had shown a warm personal relationship.

He said Trump will try to tackle the UK’s economic and diplomatic vulnerability once it leaves the EU entirely next year.

“I think the mood [aus Washington] has become increasingly hectic and dominant, “Sheinwald told Business Insider.

“And I think that is likely to get worse when President Trump wins a second term. All bars, all restrictions are off,” he said.

Media: Trump calls Fauci a “disaster”

    Media: Trump calls Fauci one

They performed together for a while until the expert kept their distance. Now it should be noted: US President Trump and the top corona fighter Fauci will no longer be friends. Fauci does not help the election campaigner Trump. © picture-alliance / abaca / G. Yuri Bad mood between Fauci (right) and the President US President Donald Trump has described leading US health expert Anthony Fauci as a “disaster” according to media reports and accused him of errors in the pandemic.

New elections in Great Britain should consolidate the government’s course on Brexit. For example the Labor Party. It has been carrying a blatant weakness with it for almost two years, and the new election becomes a tribunal – not about the Brexit that is to come, hard or soft, but

The style and form of the rhetoric used by Trump can certainly be seen to be critical of the fact that in the United States with Democrats and Republicans there have been two parties

“I think he will take advantage of what I fear will be a post-Brexit perception of the UK’s weakness and a very dismissive policy [gegenüber] Track Britain. I can see problems ahead of me. “According to Sheinwald, the personal relationship between

Trump and Johnson are not enough to change the dynamic between the two administrations. “Of course you have that chemistry at the top. I don’t think a healthy relationship can be created on its own,” he said.

On issues such as responding to China’s growing economic and political power, the Trump administration’s at times divergent approach to Middle East policy, and the prospect of a UK-US trade deal, Sheinwald said that an “unencumbered” Trump was very much difficult for Great Britain. ”

Sheinwald cited White House anger over Boris Johnson’s decision to work with Huawei , a tech giant with alleged ties to the Chinese government to work together as evidence of Trump’s increasingly aggressive behavior towards Britain.

US election: Hope for Biden

    US election: Hope for Biden

If Trump wins, he could complete his work of destruction in international relations. But even with Biden, everything would not be all right for Berlin and Brussels. © JIM WATSON / AFP There are high hopes for Joe Biden in Europe. (Symbolic picture) Hope for BidenNils Schmid will try to sleep in the night of November 3rd to 4th. The SPD’s foreign policy spokesman in the Bundestag does not expect meaningful results until the crack of dawn in Berlin, and then he wants to be as fit as possible. For what comes next.

London (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump would, in his own words, lead the Brexit negotiations tougher than British Prime Minister Theresa May. He also foresaw that the British would vote for Brexit. After all, they are worried about immigration.

After decades of welfare state orientation, Great Britain becomes a strict one from 1979 onwards. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has had its face since 1945. In foreign policy, the former world power became a European middle power and a member

Boris Johnson announced in January that he had endorsed Huawei’s decision on what to a public exhortation from the White House before reversing the decision in July and banning Huawei 5G device purchases from 2021.

“The US has not given up on China on Huawei,” Sheinwald told Business Insider. “The UK government made a decision earlier this year that the US openly criticized, and they went on both privately and publicly. And their pressure was one of the reasons … why the UK’s position changed this summer.”

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, leads Trump in national polls averaging 9.9%, according to the – FiveThirtyEight forecast on Thursday, October 22nd, who gave Trump a 12% chance of winning the presidency, compared to 88% of Biden.

Sheinwald said a Biden presidency would be in Britain’s long-term interest because he had a more conventional view of American power and because he would seek to work with allies and multilateral institutions in more traditional ways.

“The most important thing about Biden is that he wants to work with allies who want to form coalitions and return to a more traditional form of foreign policy,” Sheinwald said.

“That wasn’t Trump’s style. For Trump, it’s not just America First in terms of interests. America acts for itself in the world. It doesn’t care about its allies.”

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Brexit: Uncertainty also at the port in Hull.
The port of Hull in northern England: Here, too, operators and authorities do not know what will happen after the end of the Brexit transition phase. View on euronewsLaurence Dettman heads the port’s health department. He will be responsible for future controls on food coming from the EU. “We spent three years preparing,” said Dettman. “Last year we prepared ourselves for a no-deal Brexit, but then something changed politically. This year, the Corona crisis has preoccupied us a lot. So I can’t say that we are confident at the moment. that everything will go well, on the contrary.

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