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27-year-old Daniel Coulthard was sentenced to 15 months in prison in Bradford Crown Court

A man was arrested after two policemen were injured while being thrown into their patrol car during a chase.

Daniel Coulthard had led officers around Halifax and Bradford in a 32-kilometer pursuit, which, according to a judge, was the "worst case" he'd ever seen.

The 27-year-old Coulthard had taken cocaine and was uninsured when he crashed in June 2018, Bradford Crown Court heard.

The defendant from Upper Hall View, Northowram, was sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment after being admitted to dangerous driving.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine, drove across the prescribed drug limit and drove while uninsured.

Prosecutor Laura McBride said Coulthard, who had taken his friend's van, approached speeds of 130 km / h and drove through red traffic lights, boarded the curb and drove on the wrong side of the road.

The 30-minute chase finally ended when the pursuing police cars could block the van. A patrol car was pushed into a wooden power pole that fell on top of the vehicle.

Ms. McBride told the court that one police car had been written off and two others had suffered nearly £ 14,000 in damages.

The court heard that a police officer had suffered whiplash and bruising on both arms while his colleague had suffered bruising on his arm and pain in his upper body.

After the judge, recorder Andrew Haslam QC, watched police persecution shots, he described them as "the worst case of dangerous driving I've ever seen."

"Many police vehicles and a police helicopter were involved in a half-hour persecution of you this morning and you persistently ignored the many attempts by officials to get them to stop driving this way," the judge said.

He also banned Coulthard driving for two years and seven and a half months.

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