“Worst practices of Kirchnerism”: Etchevehere criticized the dismissal of an Agriculture official

Former Minister of Agriculture Luis Miguel Etchevehere Source: Archive – Credit: Archive / Juan Baialardo

The former Minister of Agriculture of the Nation, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, pointed out that the displacement of Marcelo Rossi, who was in charge of the National Directorate of Agricultural Commercial Control of that letter, “heralds the return of the worst practices of Kirchnerism.”

Rossi was fired late last Friday night. As he himself told the Twitter network, the removal was “without an argument” and “inexplicable.” The removed official, who controlled the Single Registry of the Agroindustrial Chain (RUCA) that allows companies to operate both for the domestic market and for export, had arrived in that role in 2016 with Ricardo Buryaile, former Minister of Agroindustry. He did it with the position of undersecretary.

He had previously been in office between 2000 and 2007 when the agency was called the National Office for Agricultural Commercial Control (Oncca). That last year he left after a fight with Guillermo Moreno for compensation to firms in the sector.

When Etchevehere replaced Buryaile in the agricultural portfolio in November 2017, Rossi remained in the position. Later, when there was a reorganization of the ministries of the national government, Rossi’s position became that of national director.

“Firing Marcelo Rossi from RUCA heralds the return of the worst practices of Kirchnerism. An official who honored the position and who we had the privilege of being part of our team”, Etchevehere noted on his Twitter account. In Cristina Kirchner’s government there were quotas and obstacles to export via permits called ROE.

According to different versions, Rossi’s displacement – now his position is held by Luciano Zarich, a former inspector at Vicentin, as well as a former director of inspection and enrollment – could be linked to a need for the Government to deepen control over food companies at a time where the ruling party wants to meet the target of 29% annual inflation projected in the national budget.

A few weeks ago, Agriculture issued a resolution that requires for the permanence in the RUCA to comply with the norms or awards of organizations linked to internal consumption, which would open the door to suspensions for companies indicated by the Ministry of Commerce.

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