WTTC calls on London to restore international travel

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The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has sent an open letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, calling for his leadership ahead of the announcement next week, urging him to support his recovery plan and contribute evidence of a clear exit strategy, to save the beleaguered travel and tourism sector in the UK.

The WTTC charter refers to its four key principles for safely reestablishing international mobility, including a coordinated international approach, led by the United Kingdom, with public and private collaboration, to establish an international mobility framework that enables movement. safe people, and remove restrictions such as general quarantines and hotels.

It also urged the UK government to move from country-based risk assessments to individual travelers, through a robust and comprehensive testing regime supported by technology and digital health passes; to strengthen health and hygiene protocols, including the mandatory use of masks, in addition to the implementation of vaccination, as part of a comprehensive solution; and to provide a significant government support package for the Travel & Tourism sector.

Following extensive consultation with WTTC members and governments around the world, the WTTC also made it clear that there was strong and determined opposition to air corridors and that the UK could risk “burning bridges” with governments. foreigners looking to agree to trade and other deals after Brexit, which would put the UK at a competitive disadvantage, if this policy continues.

WTTC’s 2020 Economic Impact Report shows that in 2019 Travel & Tourism generated £ 200bn or 9% of UK GDP. It was responsible for nearly four million jobs, or 11% of the country’s total workforce, hence its importance in helping fuel economic recovery.

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“Although we applaud the incredible progress of the government in the deployment of vaccines to combat the virus, the travel and tourism sector continues to be massively exposed to the terrible impact of travel restrictions against COVID-19,” said Gloria Guevara, President and General Director of the WTTC.

“That is why we call on UK government leaders to take urgent action to support the sector, without which we fear UK Travel & Tourism could face a total collapse,” he added.

The four key principles are based on the global vision of the WTTC and the evaluation of best practices around the world, in order to save thousands of travel companies and SMEs throughout the ecosystem that depend on our sector, and the many millions of livelihoods at risk.

Together, the WTTC affirms that these four principles will help restore a sector that will be key to helping the economic recovery and saving thousands of jobs, and many more livelihoods across the country; and it will enable the UK government to rebuild a better Britain.

The WTTC believes that only these actions will save Travel & Tourism, while effectively managing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting public health.

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