X Factor continued the film week this weekend, where each participant demonstrated his talent for the sound of famous films.

And since Simon Cowell was involved in the race, many acts wanted to take over the songs of the hit movie The Greatest Showman.

Since the film is one of Simon's favorites, some acts have taken some of the award-winning songs under their wing to show Simon their skills.

However, one band did not pick one of The Greatest Showman's songs – and it may not be the best decision for them.

Maniac has misunderstood Flashdance with a modern remix of the classic.

However, many jurors did not enjoy it, as Simon and Louis Tomlinson thought the song was not perfect for them.

Simon explained, "If this was the preloading phase, I would have stopped it after ten seconds and asked for another song.

"You should tell me who you are, I should not tell you."

After receiving all comments from the judges, Dermot decided to play with his own commentary.

Simon rejected him and said, "Not everyone can make a greatest showman song, Simon."

Simon explained again before the show turned to the next act.

And the show's audience also talked about the band's appearance in a single sentence: "Misunderstanding … very uninspiring. Flat, boring … # xfactor2018. "

Another said, "Who selected this song for #Misunderstood? That was awful!! They are a great duo, but that did them no favor! # xfactor2018. "

A third added, "For the first time #misunderstood #XFactor # xfactor2018 did not appeal to me."

However, some viewers still followed the journey from Misunderstood to the end. One added, "Misunderstood to win !! # xfactor2018. "

"# Xfactor2018 Misunderstoods are by far the best act on this show and will win 100%," another exclaimed.

Earlier in the show, Simon Dermot snapped after saying that he had lost his act Molly Scott.

Dermot said, "You lost Molly last week. You said it was your bad and I know today you've changed a few songs with your acts. "

To which Simon answered bluntly, "Yes," before adding, "I do not feel nervous. It was a bit crazy last week, I will never dress as a mummy again. "

X Factor will continue tomorrow at 20.30 on ITV.


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