It was another great exhibition of The X-factor: celebritySings hopefully tonight (November 9) as the last tiptoeed closer to a huge record deal.

There were two new exits in today's show: Martin Bashir and island of Love 2018 stars No love lost,

Judge and creator Simon Cowell, however, seemed to agree with the unsuccessful acts and announced that he would open a public poll to see "the most popular eliminated act" enter the grand finale when it arrives.


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Cowell's seemingly coincidental announcement may indicate that he prefers one of the boisterous acts of the evening.

Does he want to return to the stage as a mentor for The Groups No Love Lost? However, it is not in his hands and it is up to the public to decide who can return from the two actors.

The X-factor No love lost


Regardless of what happens, No Love Lost announced tonight that they want to stay together, and singer Samira said they had "so much potential."

Meanwhile, joy Favorite Kevin McHale opened the show and was immediately forwarded to the next week thanks to Louis Walsh's Safe Seat.

Teenage duo Max & Harvey won Cowell's Safe Seat, while actor-turned-footballer Vinnie Jones was named Nicole Scherzinger's (after some of the other judges had convinced).

The X-factor: celebrity Continued next week (November 16) on ITV.

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