Xavi Hernández praised a Barcelona player: “It will mark an era”

In a recent interview, Xavi Hernandez referred – among other things – to the adaptation of Koeman, one of his favorite players of the Barcelona and of course his past culé. The now Al-Sadd coach has a track record that will hardly be forgotten. That is why each intervention of the coach has repercussions on the Spanish club, an unbreakable bond that leaves him as one of the most representative voices of Barca.

The former player analyzed De Jong and he spared no words for him: «I consider him a footballer to mark an era in the Barcelona. I’m sure that in Holland he will be one of the best players in the World Cup, without any doubt. He’s still very young, ”he said. Xavi He is aware of his abilities, of the challenges that come with being a Barcelona player and of course, how difficult it is to adapt.

«He seems to me an extraordinary footballer, he is not afraid to receive in areas with difficulty to turn. It is very very good ”, commented the Spanish coach. “The Barcelona always requires an excellent level, if there are no criticisms. You come to the team and there is Messi, Griezmann, Piqué, Busquets, Ter Stegen… the best footballers in the world are in your team and you need time to adapt, it is another culture, a different language ”, he recalled.


Xavi confessed that he and Iniesta had a hard time adapting to the team when they were young: “We were 20 or 23 years old, it is difficult in a big club to make a difference,” said the former Barcelona player. «De Jong It’s De Jong. It has nothing to do with Iniesta, or with Busquets or with me. It’s totally different, “replied the coach when he was rebuked about the constant comparisons of the Dutchman with his game.


Without hesitation, Xavi he knows that De Jong will be a key player for the Netherlands in the next World Cup: “He is a very capable footballer, he will be the organizer of this generation, capable of organizing a team from midfield. No doubts. It depends on him. Holland he has had bad luck in the last World Cups but now he has a very good generation to achieve great things, “he said.

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