Cross-promotions for Xbox Game Pass are no new thing, as Microsoft has worked with several companies to add value and attract more users to multi-tier game subscription, from free product trials to free Spotify Premium offerings. We now realize that Discord Nitro will soon be one of them.

References to this promotion have been found in the latest beta release of Discord 9.8.3 for Android. This seems to indicate that Xbox Game Pass subscribers can receive Discord Nitro for free for three months.

Like the Spotify offering, only new subscribers to Xbox Game Pass will be able to benefit from this nitro action. In the Xbox Game Pass-related strings that were revealed below, the most relevant section is highlighted in bold:

  • string name = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_redeem_body"With the Xbox Game Pass you get 3 months of Nitro for free!/ string
  • string name = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_existing_subscriber_body" This offer is for new subscribers only
  • string name = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_existing_subscriber_title" Oh no! / string
  • string name = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_body" "Since you have a Boost subscription, you will receive a Nitro subscription credit and will be credited with the Nitro Credit if you subscribe to **% 1 $ s **." / string
  • redeem string name = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_button" / string
  • string name = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_confirm_body" You now have Nitro Credit! Sign up for **% 1 $ s ** today to get your nitro-credit
  • string name = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_confirm_title" Nice! / string
  • StringName = "xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_title" Subscription Credit / String

It is also unclear whether this promotion is restricted to any of the Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. For example, the above Spotify offer is only available to Ultimate and PC subscribers.

Discord Nitro costs $ 9.99 per month, or $ 99.99 per year, which is the Xbox One three-month giveaway in conjunction with Xbox Game Pass, and $ 4.99 for PC (during beta) $ 9.99 and costs $ 14.99 for Ultimate, at a good price per month without the regular discounts.

Although the Android beta app meets these conditions, the promotion was not announced by either Microsoft or Discord. So it's unclear when it will start.

Thank you very much Mischaal Rahman for the tip!