Xiaomi 80W wireless charging, surpassing the existing

As we discussed yesterday, today Xiaomi has revealed the charging power of its new wireless charging protocol that we will see soon on a company smartphone such as the Xiaomi Mi 11. Xiaomi has increased the charging power by 30W, going from using 50W to 80W by induction charging.

Xiaomi has specially customized a more efficient wireless charging architecture and chip, and independently designed a composite coil system, using MTW multi-pole fast charging batteries, 6C series dual batteries, with multi-stage variable current control and MiFC fast charging.

This as a result offers a 4,000mAh battery to be charged to 50% in about 8 minutes and to complete the charge in 19 minutes.

So we see that the Chinese company has increased the power of wireless charging, being a qualitative leap in which we should see new gadgets and chargers to use with the next high-end smartphone that will arrive in mid-February 2021 in China, being the Xiaomi Mi 11 which should accommodate this 80W induction charge and more than 120W via USB Type C cable.

Xiaomi wireless charging

With this result, Xiaomi is placed in first position and manages to break the wireless charging power record, thus being the manufacturer that has introduced the highest induction charging power in a smartphone. It remains to be seen if this high charging power leads to degrading the smartphone battery.

It should be noted that Xiaomi chargers mount a fan inside to dissipate heat, which makes it a more stable load and the smartphone never goes over 40ºC charged.

Possibly this new wireless charging protocol will be added to the Xiaomi Mi 11 that will arrive in February 2021 along with many new features that we anticipate. in this article.

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