Xiaomi air purifier: is it effective against coronavirus and how much does it cost?

Due to the pandemic triggered by COVID-19, it has become essential to maintain clean air in closed spaces to prevent it from being contaminated with the virus. This is the main objective of the air purifiers that Xiaomi sells, certified for cleaning viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. They can eliminate almost 100% of viruses.

Mijia Air Purifier X

The new Mijia Air Purifier X presents a HEPA filter type H13, consisting of five layers to eliminate odors, bacteria and viruses, capable of also filtering dust, hair, pollen, etc. According to Xiaomi tests, it is capable of ending the 99.99% virus like H1N1, which has a maximum size even smaller than the coronavirus (0.12 vs 0.16 microns). It also removes the 99.99% bacteria, as the Escherichia coli or the Staphylococcus aureus.

This purifier serves for spaces up to 400 m3, O rooms with surfaces between 28 and 48 m2. The maximum loudness is 64 dB (a) and the minimum 30.7 dB (A), with a maximum consumption of 41 W. Regarding its appearance, the device is similar to a computer tower. The front panel is removable to be able to change or clean the filters.

Other purifiers

Another very effective purifier from is the Mi Air Purifier 3H, suitable for surfaces from 26 to 45 m2. Like the previous one, it also has a HEPA filter, although of three hats this time, able to filter 0.3 micron particles diameter or greater, including PM2.5, smoke particles, pollen, bacteria or viruses. It is also capable of eliminating H1N1 and completely disinfect the air in a room in a few minutes.

We can also find the Mi Air Purifier Pro, which can be used in rooms up to 60 m2 thanks to advanced equipment consisting of an air system that allows the room air to be cleaned 8 times per hour. Like the previous one, it has a three layer HEPA filter that can neutralize PM2.5.


For now, the Mijia Air Purifier X, whose price is about 253 euros, is not available in Spain. In our country we can find the other two models on the Amazon page. The Mi Air Purifier 3H can be purchased for 162,99 euros, Meanwhile he Mi Air Purifier Pro costs on the same page 255,23 euros.

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