Xiaomi, Amazfit and Huawei 10 Amazon smartwatches that meet the 3 B’s (good, nice and cheap)

The world of Smart Watches that can be bought on Amazon is relatively new and is that until a few years ago people wore a watch with hands or at most a digital watch. However, with the advancement of technology It was not surprising that sooner or later watches ended up occupying an important place within technological devices. This is because we always wear them and we can always go to them for information. That is why smart watches are ideal for those people who have a very busy life. In this article we show you 10 smartwatches that are good, pretty and cheap.

This watch is priced at 29,99€ and it has Prime shipping so you can have it quickly at home. Has a AMOLED touch screen, it has water resistance so you can submerge it up to 50 meters deep and it can monitor the heart rate in addition to monitor the quality of your sleep.

It also has asnotification system so you don’t miss a single one along with a very powerful 135mAh battery that can last up to 20 days on a single charge. Buy it here.

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