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Global technology leader Xiaomi has announced the start of its annual Mi Fan Festival, which for this year will revolve around the motto “Explore the possibilities.” To cultivate the spirit of this message, Xiaomi will carry out a wide variety of online campaigns and / or activities so that also Mi Fans can interact and share their experiences on how the brand’s products have positively influenced their lives and those of your family and friends. This great global shopping party will begin on April 7 with special offers that exceed 147 million dollars in authorized official channels. Xiaomi is collaborating with more than 70 online platforms and 300 offline partners in 59 different markets to bring the most innovative products at incredible prices to Mi Fans around the world.

“Xiaomi has always put Mi Fans and users at the center of everything we do. The Mi Fan Festival is an iconic representation of our Mi Fan culture. This year’s version is very special for us, we will be able to enjoy this special celebration in the company of our users in Colombia, to express our gratitude for all their support, and for allowing us to continue exploring and innovating ”, assured Roy Escobar, Marketing Manager of Xiaomi Colombia.

From April 7 to 17, Colombians will be able to enjoy an incredible promotion on one of the brand’s most popular cell phones in the country, the Redmi 9, which will be available through the digital channels of chain stores (Éxito , Alkosto, Flamingo, Cencosud, Olímpica and Falabella), mobile phone operators (Claro, Movistar and Tigo) and electronic commerce platforms (MercadoLibre and Linio), at a base price of $ 499,000.

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Likewise, users will be able to find this device on offer in the country’s official ‘Mi Stores’ stores, located in Bogotá (Santafé Shopping Center, Plaza Central, Centro Mayor, Plaza de las Américas and Gran Estación Shopping Center), Medellín (Shopping Center Santafé), Cali (Chipichape Shopping Center), Barranquilla (Viva Shopping Center), Cartagena (Paseo La Castellana), Montería (Nuestro Montería Shopping Center) and Soledad (Soledad Island).

As an entry-level smartphone with a versatile AI quad camera setup, Redmi 9 is perfect for capturing all those special moments. Be it for a quick photo, a wide-angle group photo, a close-up rich in detail or a beautiful portrait, Redmi 9 certainly covers all the possibilities, especially, thanks to its 13 MP main camera. In addition, this device combines fun and creativity in the photographic section thanks to premium functions, such as kaleidoscope mode or the shutter button with the palm of the hand.

The Redmi 9 has a 6.53-inch screen with Full HD + definition, Mediatek G80 processor, 5,020 mAh battery (18W), 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Likewise, the company will develop several actions through its user community in the country – Mi Community, with the purpose of making visible and highlighting the testimonies of consumers who have improved and transformed their lives and those of their environment through the phones. smart phones and products from the Xiaomi ecosystem.

“Through these activities that are part of Mi Fan Festival, we want to continue transmitting our brand proposal to provide innovation and smart lifestyles to everyone, and our commitment to always be there for our Mi Fans and users in Colombia.” Roy Escobar added.

Building a better world with Mi Fans

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From the day Xiaomi was founded, building real relationships with users and making them part of the future of the brand has been at the core of the company’s culture. Since the beginning, Mi Fans have joined the Mi Community, offering suggestions and even contributing ideas and inventions to help fuel the growth of the company. Mi Fan culture has always been an integral part of the Xiaomi brand.

To celebrate Mi Fan Festival 2021, Mi Community Global officially released their theme song ‘A Melody for Mi’, which was co-created online by Mi Fans from 15 countries. Around 1,000 users of the brand participated in this songwriting project. The contributions of 30 Mi Fans were selected to compose the music and lyrics for this song, which expresses the incessant search for a better life on the part of people, centered on love, passion, innovation, vitality and a life smarter for everyone, the same values ​​that Xiaomi has been transmitting to its users for more than a decade. Today, Mi Fans are transmitting the same message to the world. Together and united by the same vision, Mi Fans show a greater confidence and belief in building a better world.

The song ‘A Melody for Mi’ has been established as an official ringtone and is available on the Mi Theme Store, where users around the world can download it.

In this way, Xiaomi maintains its image as one of the friendliest and funniest companies in the minds of consumers globally. For years, users of the brand have been connected through the shared experience of interacting and living with Xiaomi’s innovative products that have smart, life-changing features. On the Mi Community Global website, thousands of Mi Fans have already posted their stories describing how the Xiaomi brand and products have changed their lives.

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History of Mi Fan Festival:

The first Mi Fan Festival was held on April 6, 2012 in mainland China when Xiaomi decided to hold an event to celebrate the second anniversary of its founding. Since the Mi Fans played an important role in the rapid growth of the brand, Xiaomi invited them to celebrate their birthday together with a large party dedicated to them. The place was set up as a disco and the guests were able to celebrate while a DJ played and interacted with them. 100,000 Xiaomi smartphones were sold that day in just 6 minutes and 5 seconds. Since then, Xiaomi has held the Mi Fan Festival every year to show its appreciation to its users and followers for all their support.

Outside of mainland China, the Mi Fan Festival was first held in India and Indonesia in 2015, before launching into European markets in 2018, when the first shopping fair was held in Spain. This year will be the 10th annual event of its kind, and even more global markets will come together to celebrate the occasion, including Colombia.

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