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Xiaomi FlipBuds Y FlipBuds Pro, this has been the two trademarks that Xiaomi has registered in China and that apparently they will correspond to the next headphones that the firm will make its debut, surprising us with its design.

In itself, Xiaomi has registered the trade names Flipbuds Y FlipBuds Pro under various types of classification among which we find «types of scientific instruments«, «mechanical equipment” it is included, “scientific research«.

Considering the use of “Buds” in some of their headphones, everything points, as they add in ITHome, which will be the name that the new headphones of the firm will take, becoming one of the most advanced it has released to date.

Trademark registration «FlipBuds».

What’s more, the registration of the FlipBuds trademark has been carried out internationally, so it would be a headset intended for the global market and not only for the Chinese public as we are used to by Xiaomi with a wide variety of its products.

Xiaomi FlipBuds: Xiaomi's new headphones already have a name and promise to surprise.  News Xiaomi Addicts

FlipBuds Pro brand registration.

For the time being, everything remains unknown, so we will have to wait until we know new details of what the FlipBuds and FlipBuds brand will finally represent and if it is finally about headphones, which due to their name and registration characteristics, promise to surprise.

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