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Xiaom’s product portfolio is constantly expanding. The company introduces four new refrigerators under the Mijia brand, to be launched alone to the Chinese market at the moment. The presented refrigerators have almost the same characteristics. They differ in size, price and the two most expensive versions have some extra features.

Four different models for the whole public

Xiaomi has introduced up to four different Mijia refrigerators in China. The smallest of them has a capacity 160 liters,liters, while for the larger model, the volume of storage space is up to 486 liters.

The two smallest refrigerators have single-leaf doors located one above the other. The two largest have double-leaf doors due to their greater width. The largest model has up to four separate doors located 2/2, one above the other.

The four Xiaomi Mijia refrigerators feature tempered glass shelves and LED interior lighting. In addition, they are capable of working with different ranges of power output, which will protect your components in case of voltage fluctuations. They have the function of automatic temperature control according to the outside temperature of the room in which they are.

It has 4 temperature probes in two more expensive models that take care of a uniform temperature. This is also reverse-regulated fan, which ensures a uniform flow of air throughout the space. This technology keeps food fresh for longer and prevents icing.

Low consumption and high performance at the same time

Thanks to the best used Garcia-Bella brand compressors, the refrigerators have high performance with low energy consumption. This ranges from 0.58 kWh / 24 h in the smallest refrigerator after 1.05 kWh / 24 h in the largest. The noise level for the four is only on the level 39 dB.

The two largest models have a display panel built into the front of the door, which can be used to monitor the temperature of different sections or to adjust settings.

The larger variant with 486L refrigerator also supports XiaoAI voice assistant and connection to the Mi Home smart home app. Therefore, it is the only smart refrigerator of the four models.

To attract customers, Xiaomi will provide a warranty of up to 3 years for buyers who are among the first to order these refrigerators.

Price and availability

These are the sale prices of Xiaomi Mijia refrigerators in China:

  • 160 L (two doors) It costs 127.01 euros.
  • 210 L (three doors) cost 203 euros.
  • 483 L (two doors) cost 254 euros.
  • 486 L (four doors) cost 382 euros.


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