Xiaomi has an 80 watt wireless charger with 19 coils

Along with the launch of the new line of smartphones Mi 11, Xiaomi has also presented several accessories among which a 80W wireless charger similar to Apple’s failed AirPower.

Some of you may recall that Apple scrapped AirPower in 2019, presumably due to overheating and interference issues related to the multi-coil design and control circuitry. In the keynote, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun explained that his company started working on its wireless charging pad just as Apple officially gave up on it, noting that overheating was, in fact, the hardest problem to solve.

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The Chinese company says the charging pad is capable of charging three Qi-compatible devices at once with up to 20 watts per device. Furthermore, Xiaomi phones should be able to charge up to 80 watts in the near future, thanks to the built-in Mi wireless charging technology, which supposedly it can fill a 4,000 mAh battery to 10 percent in just one minute, 50 percent in 8 minutes and 100 percent in about 20 minutes. In the case of the Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Pro, they will charge up to 67 watts.

The new charging pad features 19 embedded coils that are arranged similarly to those of the new AirPower, allowing users the luxury of drop the devices anywhere on the pad. There is only one other AirPower clone with a similar design: Aira’s Nomad Base Station Pro, which has 18 coils, but is limited to 5 watts per device (7.5 watts for iPhones) and it’s not exactly affordable: $ 200.

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Like the Nomad, Xiaomi’s new wireless charging pad you will not be able to charge an Apple Watch, but the company explicitly showed the ability to charge an iPhone.

The company’s goal is for it to be affordable, which explains the 599 yuan (about $ 91) price tag that comes with the 120-watt power adapter. People who buy the Mi 11 Pro Special Edition bundle will be able to buy the wireless charger and power adapter for just 199 yuan (about $ 30) on top of what the phone costs.

The main drawback of this Xiaomi charger is that it is currently limited to the Chinese market and it is not known if it will be available internationally. That said, it is highly likely that this or the next version will eventually reach consumers outside of China.

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