Xiaomi has taken Huawei’s place in the Latin American market according to Counterpoint Research

It is no surprise that Huawei is having a hard time outside of China, and their problems are exacerbated even more in the Latin American market, where they had a very large niche gained with their mid-range phones.

Turns out that Counterpoint Research estimated market share of all the telephone companies in Latin America, and the results are not so surprising, since it has remained stable, with the exception of Xiaomi.

As we can see, Samsung continues to lead the participation in this side of the world with a growth of more than 2% year on year, but the curious thing is that Xiaomi appears in third place, leaving behind Huawei, who don’t even appear on the list now.

It will be curious to see what will happen in the following quarters, as Xiaomi continues to land in Latin America with great force, while Huawei has not yet released its new flagships and its mid-range is seen less and less in the south of the world.

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