Xiaomi India loses its reign to Samsung

Xiaomi in India had achieved a milestone that no other smartphone manufacturer in the country had achieved. The company had been the company that most smartphones was selling in the country after almost 3 consecutive years.

This has now changed as the latest Counterpoint Research market research report shows that Samsung has snatched the lead from Xiaomi as the number one brand in India during the months of July and August 2020.

Xiaomi India sales Xiaomi India smartphone sales (July and August 2020)

Korean manufacturer Samsung’s resurgence to capture the lucrative market it once controlled unopposed could be attributed to an aggressive online sales push, fueled by anti-China sentiment that has rocked the country.

Data shown from Counterpoint Research reflects that in July, Samsung controlled a 24% share of the smartphone market and that figure rose to 25% in August. On the other hand, Xiaomi’s share decreased from 22% in July to 21% in August.

It should be noted that this is the first time that Samsung has overtaken Xiaomi since in 2018 the company took the reins in 2018 as the leading smartphone brand in India.

According to Prachir Singh, an analyst at Counterpoint, “Samsung has been quite aggressive on the online channel front. To compete with the growing participation of companies like Xiaomi and Vivo in the mid-budget segment, Samsung devised the M series, which was launched as an online exclusive series. ” “The series is doing quite well and helped Samsung gain share in online sales channels,” added Prachir Singh.

This advantage is likely to be momentary, as anti-China sentiments appear to have begun to wane as both countries attempt to quell tension through dialogue. However, Counterpoint predicts that Samsung will likely be in the top 2 brands for the rest of the year.

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