Xiaomi Mi 10T VS Mi 10T Pro phone Who will win the match?

The smartphones They are fundamental devices in the daily lives of users, therefore, mobile manufacturers do not stop and continue to bring new creations. In this case, see what the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T cell phone Pro, two teams that shine for their fantastic internal characteristics.

Who will win between the Xiaomi Mi 10T cell phone and the Mi 10T Pro?

They are known to be mobiles that incorporate a series of elements that make them efficient and powerful. Thus, the new Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro to be part of the catalog of the high-end company. However, you should know what their characteristics are so that you know how to choose between the two.

What do the features say in terms of performance?

Many cell phone brands stand out for different elements, Xiaomi phones are smartphones that stand out for the tremendous efficiency at the time of work due to the excellent internal components that are in them. These two models are no exception, they show that they have great capabilities that will fascinate you.

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On this occasion, you will see that both mobiles have a Snapdragon 865+ inside it has a frequency capable of rising to the incredible 3.1 GHz speed. As an additional detail, it is compatible with 5G technology.

Likewise, the MI 10T has 6 RAM while the version Pro have 8GB fixed. These features demonstrate the tremendous power and efficiency with which the smartphones they are capable of reaching, something that makes them very powerful.

On the other hand, 128GB would be available for the standard model while in the Pro contains an internal storage capacity of up to 256GB. Still, they both offer a tremendous amount of space inside.

What do they bring us in the photographic section?

Xiaomi cell phones are smartphones that, in addition to their great abilities to process information, are also highly sought after by the amazing photography experience that they offer to their users and that was not something that was going to be missing in these two models. Their cameras come like this:

Camera type Xiaomi Mi 10T Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Main lens 64 MP 1 / 1.7 ”, Super Pixel 4 and 1, f / 1.89, 79, 8º, AF. 108 MP 1 / 1.33 ”, Super Pixel 4 in 1, f / 1.69, 82º, OIS.
Wide angle 13 MP, 123º, f / 2.4. 13 MP, 123º, f / 2.4.
Macro lens 5 MP 2-10 cm, f / 2.4, AF. 5 MP 2-10 cm, f / 2.4, AF.
Sensor ambiental
xiaomi cell phones
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There is no doubt that the photographs are fantastic with either of the two smartphones. Although a feature that should be highlighted is that they are capable of recording video in 8K resolution, something incredible so that you can create content or make records of all your adventures in the best quality.

In addition, the best thing is that it also incorporates a front camera of 20MP what if you accompany her a good accessoryYour photos will have incredible angles that will make your images the best on social media.

Anything else to say about these two phones?

Many of its features look great. Even so, there are still more elements to highlight such as the screens 6.67 ″ IPS FHD + resolution that is part of the smartphones.

Also, if your thing is browsing for hours to enjoy your games online with your friends, the batteries of 5.000 mAh with a 33W fast charge it is fantastic news. Don’t forget that power bank with which you can stay connected in case you have forgotten to charge the battery.

Who wins the battle?

Honestly, this is one of the closest encounters you’ve ever witnessed. They are two mobiles with very good characteristics, but the final decision is only made by you. Any of them is excellent candidate to be your next best friend for your days.

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