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Our expert has thoroughly analyzed the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 As the latest model cyclonic vacuum cleaner of the Chinese brand. Affordable for all pockets, it stands out for its suction power suitable for many homes and its very simple operation.

Although many of us still refer to them as broom vacuum cleaners, there are already enough manufacturers that are coining a new term to refer to these devices with which to clean lint, dust and other dirt on the floors, without cable and in a very comfortable way: cyclonic vacuum cleaners, a concept that refers to its suction capacity.

Xiaomi is one of these firms and it already has several models in its catalog that follow the same premises as the rest of the products in its ecosystem: eye-catching designs, sufficient performance for the average user and, the most attractive, adjusted prices.

The next to join them will be the Xiaomi broom vacuum cleaner Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9, a reference that is not yet on sale officially in Spain, but that is already can be purchased exclusively from this Thursday, February 18 on eBay. In fact, if you buy it now with a 10% discount couponnamed PQ12021– the price is lowered up to 170.99 euros. An opportunity that you cannot miss, since this promotion ends on February 28. In addition, the Xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaner G9 has free shipping. Do you want to know more about him? We tell you everything:

Buy for € 170.99 with the discount coupon PQ12021 on eBay

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 upright vacuum cleaner: recognizable design

El aspirador Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 It has a design very similar to that of the other cyclonic vacuum cleaners of the firm, in which pthe color white with orange details stands out. Its main element is the vacuum cleaner module itself, characterized by a rubbery plastic finish with optimal construction (It does not seem that it is such an inexpensive product). We see the sacrifices, for example, in the maximum simplicity of its controls and the absence of a screen, something that at first glance is not essential, but which can be very useful to see, for example, the remaining autonomy in minutes; in this case, we can only have one estimate by looking at the three LED lights on its base.

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• Drums: 2500m AH 25,2 V, desmontable.

• Motor: 100,000 revolutions per minute; suction power of 120 watts of air.

• Others: 3 operating modes, 0.6 liter removable tank.

• Package content: vacuum cleaner, high-torque brush bar, mini electric brush, charger, extension rod, user manual, crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 brush nozzle, 2-in-1 storage.

Regarding its controls, we meet a switch what slides between three positions different to choose the suction power (High power, standard Y eco) Y a trigger to start it that, in this case, you have to press whenever you want it to work; It does not have a system so that it is fixed and therefore it must be continuously tightened.

The deposit this Xiaomi G9 wireless vacuum cleaner built into this unit, on the other hand, has a 0.6 liter capacity and is usually enough for a home about 90 to 100 meters with a medium degree of dirt: hair, dust or lint that is vacuumed at least once a week. Later, empties at the push of a button and disassembles just as easily, which allows us to clean it until it is like new without any effort. In this way, all its components (except the electronic ones) are washable.

Within this deposit is the filter responsible for creating the cyclonic effect of the aspiration and that retains the particles so that they do not return to the home. Specifically, it has five different stages (two cyclonic filters to which they are added three high-density filters), of which the essential is the HEPA filter, capable of capturing up to 99.97% of particles, including microscopic ones.

Buy for € 170.99 with the discount coupon PQ12021 on eBay

The many accessories of the Xiaomi G9 wireless vacuum cleaner

This main unit is accompanied by various accessories for different uses or types of flooring. There are two that we consider essential: extension rod, with a perfect length for people up to 180 cm tall approximately (higher we think it would be very tight) and the Specific brush for wooden, marble, tile and carpet floors. From the last batch, his roller draws attention, rigid and with angled protrusions in which bristles are incorporated that trap hair very well that may be on the ground.

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The best: At a very reasonable price, it offers sufficient suction power for most homes and is extremely simple to operate and design.

Worst: to adjust its price makes some concessions regarding its functions. The main ones: it does not have automatic power adjustment depending on the surface to be vacuumed and its autonomy is adjusted.

Conclution: the cyclonic vacuum cleaner from the Chinese firm offers a great value for money, standing out for its design and ease of use.

In case what we want is to vacuum other types of surfaces, the manufacturer’s recommendation is to do it without the extension rod. Thus, we can choose a two-in-one nozzle for curtains, sofas, cars or crumbs on the table, for example; a electric mini brush for textiles (especially useful for pet hair on sofas); or one classic nozzle for narrow crevices.

Other accessories, although not specifically for cleaning, are the essential charger and a bracket for mounting on the wall.

Buy for € 170.99 with the discount coupon PQ12021 on eBay

And the power of this Xiaomi broom vacuum cleaner?

In the datasheet of the Xiaomi aspiradora Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 data is collected as offering a 120 watts maximum suction power and that his digital motor rotates at 100,000 revolutions per minute.

Roborock H6: Includes a good selection of accessories: a hard floor brush; one special for carpets (the vacuum cleaner also detects when it passes over one, even if it has another installed); one motorized, another with long bristles, for corners, From reaming tubes (one rigid and one flexible) …

Conga RockStar 900 Ultimate ErgoWet: His automatic mode with dirt sensor Y carpet detection automatically adapts power. Offers up to 90 minutes of autonomy and has a water tank for scrubbing the floor.

Rowenta Air Force Flex 760: Its design is very peculiar, with the articulated tube: can be bent to easier access under the bed The under the sofa without having to bend over.

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Dyson V11: The market reference, its Torque Nickel brush with DLS technology automatically adapts the suction power to different types of soil. Provides up to 60 minutes of autonomy in Eco way.

What does this translate to? In that your power results enough for the daily cleaningAlthough its performance is not perfect and it is somewhat below the reference models on the market, which are also more expensive. It is something that is noticeable, for example, when you have to vacuum heavy debris (dirt or stones from the car mats) or in complicated elements such as the entrance mats, and not so much with the normal vacuuming of dust or lint.

The autonomy is also adjusted. At standard mode (the one we recommend for its balance between battery life and power) offers, according to the firm, 27 minutes of autonomy. It is very difficult to verify this figure considering that all we have to guide us are some LED indicative and that sometimes it is necessary to vary the suction power – an always manual setting – but in our tests we have noticed that it is quite close to reality. If we use the eco way it expands up to 60 minutes and, in that of High power, se reduce substantially up to 8 minutes.

Recharging takes 3.5 hours and, an interesting detail, is that the battery is interchangeable, so we can have a replacement to put in case the installed one runs out halfway through cleaning.

Buy for € 170.99 with coupon PQ12021 on eBay

* The recommendations so that deliveries of online orders can be carried out with total security for distributors and customers indicate that direct contact between the two should be avoided, maintain a safe distance and wash hands after opening the package. All delivery men are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of February 19, 2021.

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