Xiaomi prepares its own electric car, Apple Car style

Xiaomi would be planning to build its own electric car, following in the footsteps of rivals in the tech sector such as Apple The Huawei, something in which the founder and CEO of the brand Lei JunHe has been thinking for several years and it seems that he has finally made up his mind to carry out.

At the moment there are no dates or details of how this future car will be, but it seems that Lei Jun I would be directing a project that comes after many years of considering the possibility.

Interest of Xiaomi by the car sector is not new, and already in 2019, the company invested as a strategic partner up to 400 million dollars in the electric car startup Xpeng. The board of directors then raised the possibility of launching its own electric car, but Lei Jun some reluctance, explaining that it was not the time to build it.

At the time, the outlook for the auto industry was not very optimistic, and shares of Tesla they were not going through the best of times. Tesla has precisely played an important role in the vision of Lei Jun, to the point that in 2013, the founder of Xiaomi visited up to two times to Elon Musk, some meetings in which they discussed diversification beyond the smartphone, although it was still too early to raise anything concrete in relation to electric cars.

In 2015, Lei Jun invested in a new electric vehicle company called Weilai, and that was the original name of NIO, although this investment should not have fully convinced the CEO of Xiaomi.

Three years later, in 2018, Xiaomi began conducting internal surveys on the Mi Car, obtaining a fairly positive response that increased the company’s interest in the electric car.

This new project of its own electric car would be very different, and if in its beginnings the prototype had little of the company, the objective of the new project would be to develop an electric car directly, predictably using some of the new modular electric platforms such as those of Foxconn.

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It seems that the transition to the electric car is changing the rules for traditional manufacturers, but it is also a great opportunity for new brands to join the sector, and Xiaomi could be, together Apple, one of the best exponents of this idea.


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