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Under the brand Hipee, Xiaomi has put on sale on Youpin a curious watch capable of measuring our blood pressure. A gadget specially designed for those people with high blood pressure problems thanks to its continuous measurement 24 hours a day.

In detail, this new watch that Xiaomi has put up for sale on its crowdfunding platform comes with a size of 56.9 × 50.6mm. Although its design may be somewhat robust, its weight does not go beyond the 76 grams.

Among its main characteristics we find a color display Through which we can visualize our pulsation, as well as blood pressure. In the latter case, this new watch is capable of measuring a range between the 0mmHg to 280mmHg.

A watch designed for our health more intelligent than it appears

But there is not everything, this new watch has a medical grade pressure level, being able to monitor our blood pressure dynamically 24 hours a day. Thanks to this, we can discover symptoms of hidden hypertension.

The latest from Xiaomi on Youpin is this watch capable of monitoring blood pressure.  News Xiaomi Addicts

In addition, this new watch that Xiaomi has put on sale is capable of generating professional reports. For this, it makes use of Artificial Intelligence, taking into account up to 20 different parameters in relation to our blood pressure.

All this is completed with a system of alarm and warning when blood pressure ranges are too high, capable of alerting the members of our family as well. Likewise, its battery is capable of offering a autonomy of up to 7 days and up to 50 continuous measurements.

The latest from Xiaomi on Youpin is this watch capable of monitoring blood pressure.  News Xiaomi Addicts

As it could not be less before a product sold by Xiaomi, we are facing a smart watch or bracelet able to link with our smartphone. Thanks to your connection Bluetooth we can have complete medical reports and statistics of our blood pressure level.

Price and availability

The price of this new blood pressure measuring watch is 499 yuan, about 64 euros To the change. At the moment it will only be sold in China through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, although we could see it on AliExpress shortly.

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