Xiaomi puts on sale some curious gloves with heating included

The Chinese firm has put on sale through Youpin some heated gloves ideal for winter.

Xiaomi continues to surprise with the launch of new products that move away from the world of smartphones. If the firm recently put an anti-bacteria toilet on sale, now it has put on YouPin some curious gloves with heating included.

The tech giant has put up for sale on YouPin, your third-party store, PMA brand gloves that stand out for having heating, making them an ideal product for winter. These gloves each have a graphene plate that heats up thanks to the use of a 1,900 mAh portable battery. It can even be exchanged for another powerbank easily.

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This is how the new heated gloves are sold by Xiaomi.

These new gloves are charged by microUSB and each of the batteries has 4 lights that indicate the state of the battery charge. In addition, they also stand out for adding three different speeds that warm hands in various temperatures. For example, the first speed lights green and heats up from 42 to 45ºC. The second speed offers a blue light and heats from 52 to 55ºC; while the third speed uses a red light and heats from 62 to 65ºC.

Gloves sold by Xiaomi warm hands in various temperatures

The heating of the new gloves that Xiaomi has put on sale

The heating of the new gloves that Xiaomi has put on sale.

A temperature that is easily changed, since it only takes press the button found in gloves. Among other details, it should be noted that it is also possible to heat only one of the gloves, since they are completely independent.

On the other hand, these gloves can be used with the screens of mobile devices as they add a thin layer of plastic on the index and thumb fingers. They also have a layer that repels water and can be used both in the snow, on the motorcycle or even when going out for a walk.

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The technology giant has put these curious gloves on sale in China at a price of 199 yuan, which at the exchange rate is approximately about 28 euros. At the moment it is unknown if they can be officially acquired in other territories.

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