Xiaomi sells a flashlight that can literally save your life

It is not only a flashlight, but a lethal weapon for self defense.

Last updated on 11/14/2020 at 15:01

We have always advised not to install any type of flashlight application on our smartphone. The main reason is that despite being very simple applications, most ask for rather strange permissions to mistrust the intentions of its developers.

For this reason, the best thing is to have a conventional flashlight, one of those of a lifetime. Well, actually it is best to get hold of this Xiaomi flashlight that in addition to lighting up in the dark, it can save our lives.

This is the Xiaomi flashlight that can save your life

A flashlight, personal defense weapon, a taser … it has it all and it’s from Xiaomi

Regarding Xiaomi we have seen many crazy articles. Cat beds, fishing rods, smart fish tanks … it seemed that nothing could surprise us anymore. Nothing is further from reality.

Today we bring you one of those products that sincerely leave you speechless. Nextool is a brand specialized in the manufacture of gadgets and products for personal defense and survival. Now, Xiaomi has teamed up with her to manufacture a kind of flashlight that in addition to giving light, does many other things.

It is a weapon that in addition to serving us for personal defense, It also has other uses such as breaking the windows of the car or any other vehicle in the case of being locked in it.

In addition to this, it also makes loud noises like an alarm, is a taser and also serves as a lighter. That is to say, that has it all.

Best of all, according to the specifications of the product, it is only 26 mm x 260 mm long and inside it has a small battery that operates both the flashlight and other functions for a period of up to 2 hours. In addition to it, apparently it is quite resistant (obvious if it works as a personal defense weapon and to break glass) so use it without fear that it will not break.

Its price? Only 20 euros but unfortunately at the moment it is only sold in China so let’s hope it reaches other markets in the near future.

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