Xiaomi sells an original charging cable that improves the grip of your mobile

This charging cable is the solution to many of our problems

Last updated on 02/20/2021 at 13:01

Although phones improve every year in screen quality, processor power or in the photographic section, we cannot say the same about autonomy. With few exceptions, the autonomy of a terminal tends to be around one day, so on more than one occasion, we have had no choice but to connect it to the current.

This can be very cumbersome, especially if we are using it while loading the terminal. Charging cables do nothing but annoy and it would not be the first time they have become entangled with other cables. Luckily “Xiaomi has the solution”. Not because this time I have made a really spectacular charging cable but because your Youpin store sells it. What’s more, once you see it, you will want to get one. We guarantee it.

This charging cable is awesome, why hasn’t anyone weighed in on this before?

This charging cable is one of the best ideas we’ve seen in times

Despite the fact that Xiaomi is the Chinese firm to invent crazy and amazing products, this time we have to give the merits to WSKEN, a firm that has put on sale an original charging cable that not only charges our smartphones (obviously) but also improves the grip of these.

It is a USB type C cable compatible with practically all modern smartphones and made of plastic. It has a support with two suction cups that are anchored to the back of our smartphones, so the cable no longer bothers when charging the device, but also allows us to use it without fear, since it will prevent it from falling to the ground. Ideal for enjoying video games while keeping the battery of our mobile device always at full capacity.

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In addition to it, This charging cable supports 18W fast charging and it only costs about 3 euros. The problem? The usual one with all the products sold through Youpin and that is only sold in Chinese lands.

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