Xiaomi sprayer, the best you can buy

Who would have thought that I would be writing and recounting my experience of a water spray for plants. And if I do, it is because it seemed really good to me and this is shown by the sales and comments on Aliexpress. This sprayer that Xiaomi has sold in its store Youpin It has a modern design that keeps a secret inside that makes it really attractive.

Xiaomi sprayer, the best you can buy - Xiaomi News

This practical bottle has almost cylindrical measurements of 25 cm in height, 5.3 in width and 5.3 mm in thickness and only weighs 100 grams, so you can handle it with great comfort.

It is made of high quality PET material and respectful with the environment, and as you can see, its design is elegant, where a red flat-mouth trigger stands out. This trigger keeps a mechanism inside that allows a long and intense blast when pressed, which allows us to spray with less effort faster and painless for the hands when we are spraying for several minutes.

The spray bottle that Xiaomi has sold has a screw opening and a total capacity of 300 ml for you to fill with liquids such as water, glass cleaner or pesticides, and also, as it has a leak-proof pressure valve, it will not spill not a drop even if you dump it. You will only have to press the trigger to spread its atomized content through its thin 0.3 mm diameter mouth.

Xiaomi sprayer, the best you can buy - Xiaomi News

Xiaomi sprayer, the best you can buy - Xiaomi News

As I mentioned before, this sprayer is a top seller, and we found that millions of users have purchased it and loved how it works.

I have used it hundreds of times for the plants in my house, spraying water and I have to say that its operation is much better than other models that we can find on the market.

The price of this sprayer that Xiaomi has sold on Youpin is € 7 in this Aliexpress seller.

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