Xiaomi video toolbox, use and tricks

MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 brought substantial news that make it possible for us to get a lot of juice from our smartphone, with multipurpose options for all users who have the system. With the arrival of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi added the video toolbox option. An option that is somewhat hidden and that allows the user to perform versatile and beneficial functions while playing a video.

Perhaps YouTube is one of the most used video platforms in the world, and that is why we come to tell you how to use the video toolbox on your Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco.

What is the video toolbox in Xiaomi?

This functionality can be used in all apps that play video, whether YouTube, Netflix, video player that we use on our smartphone …

Its functions allow direct access from video playback to record what we are playing, take a capture, share the screen, change the style, being able to apply various color or black and white filters, make improvements and color correction and a complete direct access to the messaging apps that we use the most to continue watching the video and talking while with our friends without losing the thread.

How do I activate the video toolbox on my Xiaomi, Poco or Redmi smartphone?

The first thing to keep in mind that this function not available on all Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco smartphones. The most current models do have these functionalities, as is the case of the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Poco X3 and the Mi10T family. So to find out if your Xiaomi smartphone adds the video toolbox, follow the steps below and you will find out.

Video toolbox on Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi

We are going to Settings> Special functions> Video toolbox> we find three different options that allow us to configure this box to our liking.

  • Video Toolbox: enable the option to access the configuration and use.
  • Video Toolbox Shortcut: A line is shown on the edge of the screen when we are playing the video, in this way we can display the different options that the functionality has.
  • Shortcut location: You can choose to display on the edge of the video playback screen on the left or right.
  • Choose apps: Here we must choose the apps that we use that have a video player. We can choose YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pluto TV, VLC video …

Once we have configured the video toolbox on our Xiaomi smartphone, we must go to one of the apps that we have chosen. In my case, I show you how it works on YouTube.

Video toolbox on Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

When we start to play video, we will see that on the side we have chosen (right or left), a line is shown, we press it and a drop-down menu will be displayed that will show the options available in the video toolbox.

In this box we find the shortcuts, image filters, style and ssound to change on playback. We can use messaging apps and thus perform a basic but decisive multitasking.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Toolbox

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Toolbox

You will love this option

In addition to the aforementioned, the Xiaomi toolbox keeps a good secret that we must discover by fiddling with the settings it allows to make.

When we have the box on the screen, we will see that the options ofscreen recording with the recorder, take captures, cast screen and if we slide the option to listen to sound with the screen locked is shown.

xiaomi video toolbox

xiaomi video toolbox

This option, shown with an ear icon, allows you to play the sound with the screen locked. That is, we can use YouTube as an audio player with the smartphone locked.

A function and trick that is very valuable for all users who do not have YouTube Premium.

We hope this guide has been of great help to you. You will find more guides to get all the power of your smartphone in this link.

And if you want to try this function on Youtube, we leave you a link to the new channel MIs Reviews where little by little you will find analysis of Xiaomi products in association with our website.

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