Xiaomi’s new G9 vacuum cleaner revolutionizes the market

New vacuum cleaner Xiaomi G9 it’s hereOn sale now on Ebay

We present you a fundamental tool for home cleaning, which will help you maintain a healthy and clean home. Do you want to know what is new with respect to its competitors?

1, The battery can be changed with a longer life

The battery is easy to remove, allowing for easy battery replacement. It allows you to use it for a longer time without having to recharge it. It is one of the demands that users always ask and thanks to Xiaomi it is now possible.

2, Its V shape allows easy cleaning, eliminating the problem of hairs that get embedded in the brush

Thanks to its design it adapts to any type of surface, reaching any corner of the home, allowing it to completely eliminate the dust embedded in the carpet, remove small dust, protect floors and carpets while easily scraping hair

3, With a modern design, it allows to use the vacuum cleaner more easily

The main engine it has allows to achieve a better cleaning, respecting all types of surfaces, parquet, carpets, and thus be able to leave a clean and safe home.

Count with one ergonomic design, light and resistant that you can turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner that implements notable improvements. with important news such as: the battery, which in this case is easily removableIn addition, using the wall bracket it is possible to charge the integrated battery and an additional one.

In addition, Xiaomi G9 Vacuum Cleaner has 100000 rph / min of high speed, which reaches up to 1200AW and which allows to clean the dust and eliminate all the mites without leaving a trace.

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Bill HEPA filtration system to retain sucked dirt (up to 99.97%)

Equipped with a large capacity battery with a battery life of 60 minutes;

The Xiaomi Cleaner G9 is a cordless upright vacuum cleaner, with an excellent value for money, being a true innovation in the home cleaning market and has all the necessary accessories to keep any surface of the house clean

It provides a variety of brush heads to change whenever you want, adaptable for all types of surfaces, be it a carpet or a space in a corner, where dust easily accumulates, but with the new Xiaomi appliance that problem has a solution.

With the latest technology, the Xiamo G9 vacuum cleaner incorporates the “MAKING QUALITY TECHNOLOGY ACCSSIBLE TO EVERYONE” spirit, and the best of all is its fantastic price that allows you to keep a clean home at an incredible price, for only 170 euros

From today it is available and you will receive it in a few days, ready to use it whenever you want and finally forget about that dirt that causes you headaches.

Available to make the purchase through any device, and if you purchase it through Paypal, we will refund 5 euros. Here you have it

Do not wait any longer and buy the xiaomi G9 vacuum cleaner now, you will also enter the raffle for 1 free vacuum cleaner or a toothbrush, every day we will raffle a vacuum cleaner and two toothbrushes, and you will be able to opt for this fantastic gift for ten days,.


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