Xiaomi’s new vacuum cleaner is so powerful that it manages to drag a 2-ton Tesla – Xiaomi News

A week ago Xiaomi presented its new Mi Mijia Wireless Vacuum K10 in China, a cordless vacuum cleaner that stands out for its great suction power thanks to its filtration system based on no less than 12 cyclones.

With a suction power of up to 150AW, this new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner has become the most powerful of the brand, as well as one of the most powerful in terms of suction power in the entire market.

Such is its suction power that the Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum K10 has managed to drag a Tesla Model S of more than 2 tons of weight. A great example of its great power that a user wanted to show us through TikTok.

As we can see in the previous video, the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking two wooden planks, which in turn have been hooked on this heavy-duty electric vehicle. Thanks to its suction power, the two plates are completely united, dragging the Tesla Model S.

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum K10.

Definitely, Xiaomi seems to have done a great job with its latest vacuum cleaner, managing to position itself as one of the most powerful on the market, as well as the most advanced thanks to its scrubbing system and large battery.

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