Yanet García the former weather girl with the shirt that gave the most to talk about

Yanet García owes part of his fame thanks to the YouTube videos uploaded anonymously by fans in love with his exalted rearguard in the weather forecasts and they must all be happy!

October 17, 2020 · 16:09 hs

Yanet Garcia He came to Mexican television years ago to make the weather forecasts entertaining, he broke every scheme with his unpresentable and bulky rear guard worthy of the best internet accolades. It’s powerful!

With the pandemic, Yanet Garcia She further refined her exercise routine to make it even more effective with the combination of nutrition knowledge, which she acquired at the US Online School of Nutrition and became a fitness coach, just like her boyfriend Lewis Howes!

Right now, the conditions of social isolation do not allow the couple based in Los Angeles to visit the beach, one of the favorite places of Yanet and what more strange. A fanpage of the Monterrey model published one of the most memorable throwbacks: on a bicycle and with a translucent mesh T-shirt. You saw everything!

On a bike ride with her sweetie Lewis Howes, this postcard from the back profile of Yanet Garcia, recalls the video of ‘La bicicleta’ by Carlos Vives and also leads to see once again the movie ‘Bellezonismo’ (2019) in which he becomes an angel.What more could you ask for?

Internet users wondered “Why doesn’t your boyfriend let you upload risque photos?”, “What that gringo eats”, and praised the black outfit that is seen under the shirt “That bikini looks perfect on you ”. Yanet She kept her disheveled look by conveying a message: “I don’t give a damn about everything, I’m just happy.”

In recent days, the former weather girl realized that she is back in ‘Ten Thousand’, which stands out as a shining beacon of grandeur and luxury along the Los Angeles skyline and has quickly become one of the most iconic architectural landmarks of the city.


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