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York County Storm Chaser grounded for kite check


A storm hunter from York County was temporarily sentenced for kitesurfing to a closed bank account. However, he is free to hunt hurricanes before the end of the season.

Brad Matthew Sweitzer Sr., 42, of East Prospect, pleaded guilty on Wednesday, August 14th.

According to his Facebook page, he is CEO and President of SS Storm Chase and Forecast Team – Mid Atlantic LLC.

In return for his request, a three-stage offense for theft by deception was dismissed.

As part of his negotiation agreement with the prosecutor, Sweitzer was sentenced to three years probation, the first 30 days for house arrest.

The presiding judge, Maria Musti Cook, said that Sweitzer, according to state records, was granted house arrest permission with prior notification to the probation service.

Cook also asked Sweitzer to pay compensation within 30 days and to do 100 hours of community service.

Defender Marc Semke was not immediately available for comment on Thursday, August 15.

The background: The state police filed a lawsuit against Sweitzer in October, saying he betrayed BB & T Bank's East Prospect branch in September 2018 just before leaving the city to report on Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

He deposited a business check for $ 5,300 on an account he knew was closed, but the bank did not know that at first, the police said.

Sweitzer denied that it was a business check and told The York Dispatch that it was a personal check. He also said he did not know why the police thought he knew the account was closed.

At the bank, Sweitzer told the store manager that he would drive to North Carolina the next day and pay a check, according to court records.

The bank director knew both Sweitzer and his tracking company, the police said.

Approval: They agreed that the funds would be made available to him the next day, and that Sweitzer would then return to receive $ 3,000, according to the police.

Instead, Sweitzer went to a branch of BB & T in Springettsbury Township, took down $ 3,000 and transferred the remaining $ 2,300 from the account.

Two days later, on 10 September 2018, the BB & T Bank was told that the account from which the check was issued was closed, the police said.

Sweitzer co-founded the Red Lion-based SS Storm Chase and Forecas team in 2013, he told The York Dispatch.

When a storm approached in early 2016, SS Storm Chase showed models anticipating 2 to 3 feet of snow. These models were close to the actual amount of snowfall.

In addition to coverage of hurricane Florence in North Carolina last year, SS Storm Chasers also reported on Hurricane Irma when he arrived in Florida in 2017 and Hurricane Matthew when he arrived in Carolinas in 2016.

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