For O2 and its customers, it was a chaotic few days after "bad software" used the smartphone without data access.

Undoubtedly, it will be a huge task for the company to handle all complaints and compensation claims they receive.

Glasgow's Martin Houston got a sense of the task at hand, without fault of his own, after his buddy had posted his number in a post on Facebook.

The contribution was:

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The 25-year-old then received 967 texts from compensation-thirsty O2 customers. When Mr. Houston realized he had been sewn together, he decided to go aboard with the prank and responded to the news.

It is needless to say that O2 customers were surprised by the answers they received:

Picture credits: Martin Houston
Picture credits: Martin Houston

Picture credits: Martin Houston
Picture credits: Martin Houston

Picture credits: Martin Houston
Picture credits: Martin Houston

In a conversation with LADbible about the coup, Mr. Houston acknowledged that his partner had done him good and good.

He said he) I just thought he was funny and put my number on it, and then it got crazy, so I thought, why not just play along and see where it goes?

"And fair with him, he has done me quite well, do not think I can ever get him back."

O2 has recommended that customers be contacted directly and not respond to unknown numbers that are allegedly the mobile network.

A spokesman for O2 said, "We've seen some people sharing numbers for phone calls or text for compensation, which are incorrect and not from us.

"Please do not answer, we contacted all our customers yesterday and will do so in the next few days."

Millions of people were affected by the network outage that started on Thursday at 5:30.

This will actually reimburse customers for network issues.

Pay Monthly customers: SMB business customers and mobile broadband subscribers: O2 will be awarding two monthly subscription fees for broadcasting by the end of January.

Pay As You Go Customers: O2 will provide a 10 percent surcharge on a charge next year and let customers know when it's available.

Pay as you go for mobile broadband customers: 10% off a New Year's Bolt-On purchase (customers will be notified as soon as it becomes available).

… So do not write a random number in the hope of 50 €, because it can happen that you will be abused.

Selected image Credit: PA