“You will love me”: Tati Gabrielle (“The 100”) new leading actress in season three – Netflix series with a dozen new actors

The third season of “You will love me” is taking shape: Netflix has announced twelve personnel decisions. Saffron Burrows, who had already played Dottie Quinn, the mother of Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in a recurring role in the second season, rises in the main cast. After the events of the second season in the new episodes, she’s eager to shower her daughter and grandson with love.

In a new leading role on board comes Tati Gabrielle, the central role in the recently ended series “The 100” (as Gaia) and “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (as Prudence Night) had. In the new season of “You – you will love me” she plays Marienne, a clever librarian who presents a cool and well-considered appearance to the outside world and who does not allow herself to be exploited by arrogant customers. But underneath she hides her vulnerabilities and experiences, which again and again slow her down in her desire to build a better life for herself and her young child.

Dylan Arnold is also taking on a new leading role ( “Nashville”) as Theo. He actually has a good heart and stands up for his friends – often he makes their problems too much his own. Having had a troubled childhood and a complicated relationship with his stepfather, he has developed a propensity for drugs and careless behavior.

Michaela McManus plays an important role ( “One Tree Hill”, “Aquarius”): As Natalie, she becomes the new object of Joe’s (Penn Badgley) fascination. Outwardly she is successful and popular, has a wealthy husband. But she is aware of herself that her life is hypnotized like that of someone Stepford Wife works – and tries to break out. With increasing curiosity, Joe wonders how his neighbor is doing this.

Shannon Chan-Kent is part of Sherry’s circle of friends as Kiki (new signing Shalita Grant; TV Wishlist reported) and religiously pursues her life of afternoon yoga and coffee gossip to escape her existence as a wife and mother. Because also Kiki’s husband Brandon (played by Christopher Sean, the original spokesman for protagonist Kaz from “Star Wars: Resistance”) spends his time at home: when he was in his mid-twenties, he had already made provisions thanks to smart investments in tech.

Ben Mehl is there as the librarian Dante, a veteran whose eyes have been severely impaired while on duty. Now he’s a family man, with a husband who brought two children into the relationship. Dante would love to have children of his own and enjoys taking care of the offspring of the people around him with the patience of an angel – a patience that he also shows towards his customers.

Chris O’Shea is on board as Andrew in the third season. He also belongs to the inner core of sherry. The househusband and father is well connected when it comes to gossip.

His husband Jackson (Bryan Safi) is a successful lawyer in the tech world, but has retained a down-to-earth attitude and poise in his private life – which enables the couple to have an enviable marriage.

Mackenzie Astin ( “Teenage Bounty Hunters”) portrays the lovable geology professor Gil – who apparently has no corners or edges and is perhaps a little too good-natured.

Ayelet Zurer ( “The hostages”, “Shtisel”) is the experienced relationship therapist Dr. Chandra. It is as chic as it is direct and has the professional ethic not only to pull the money out of their clients’ pockets, but also to work out why they have their problems.

Child actor Jack Fisher can be seen in retrospect as the young version of protagonist Joe, a sensitive boy who is severely bullied.

US broadcaster Lifetime developed “You”, which Netflix bought into and has been running exclusively since the second season. Sera Gamble ( “Supernatural”) acts as a showrunner.

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