On Monday evening, the OFFICERS stormed into the Moredun region after reports of a large-scale incident involving at least 30 youths. Eyewitnesses claimed that a police vehicle had met a young boy involved in the difficulties.

At Moredunvale Road, near Moredun's skyscrapers, around 6:30 pm, several police cars and more than a dozen policemen arrived, accompanied by at least one dog group.

It is understood that the police have responded to reports of a malfunction of at least 30 adolescents.

An eyewitness who did not want to be named claimed that a gang of hooded and balaclavas had moved out – some armed with knives.

Another eyewitness, who also wished to remain anonymous, claimed that two police cars were running across the grass to disperse the youth gang that was making its way to the plateaus. They added that one of the transporters had hit a boy who landed on the hood of the vehicle.

They said, "I saw a large group of boys walking across the grass toward the apartments, and then they all started when two police cars appeared.

The police visited an incident in Moredun on Monday night. Picture: Submitted

The police visited an incident in Moredun on Monday night. Picture: Submitted

"The police car in the back was just behind one of the boys who landed on the hood.

"In my opinion the driver was too close behind the boy. I'm not sure if he was injured or not when he was taken straight to the police car. "

A third eyewitness said that the police, accompanied by a dog group, found something like a T-shirt.

Police Scotland was contacted for a statement.

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