YouTube has been viewed more than 25 million times! Aleg Sandra Whittingham, the new heroine of the guitar world, has released her first solo album! “My European Journey” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Alexandra Whittingham 公式チャンネルより]

Aleg Sandra Whittingham, the new heroine of the classical guitar world who has landed in England.
Aleg Sandra, whose performance was known to listeners all over the world online such as YouTube and other video distribution platforms and social networking services, quickly became a worldwide fame and huge popularity.・ Whitting Gum’s solo debut album “My European Journey” will be released!

Over the past four years, YouTube has gained more than 175,000 registrants, and the total number of views of videos that played the famous repertoire of classical guitar has exceeded 25 million (!), Which is overwhelming support online. Alegsandra Whittingham, who has been studying guitar, piano, jazz guitar and composition at the Cheetham Conservatory in Manchester since the age of seven, went on to attend the Royal Academy of Music in London with a scholarship. graduate.

Winner of the Timothy Gilson Guitar Award in 2019, winning one after another at the Edinburgh Guitar Competition in Scotland, the Carpatian International Youth Guitar Competition in Budapest, and the Greginog Young Musician Competition in Wales. We are steadily accumulating achievements.
In 2016, he was selected as a co-star at Abbey Road Studios of Ireland’s world-famous singer-songwriter Imelda May, and is active in a wide range of genres.

Aleg Sandra Whittingham’s first album, “My European Journey,” features Tárrega’s “Remembrance of Alhambra,” as well as classic works by Coste, Legondi, and Regnani, as well as Vienna, London, and Copenhagen. Includes a number of excellent works that are not well known, although they are unique and rich in regional characteristics.
The guitar of Aleg Sandra Whittingham, an artist who values ​​the connection with the audience above all, breathes new life and creates a romantic atmosphere.
The brilliant first studio album of Aleg Sandra Whittingham, a young talented guitarist who has been given two things from heaven, will add to the success story! Great attention!
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“My European Journey”
Arabic-style fantasy song
Memories of Alhambra

Bosch: Boring (Songs Without Words) Op.11
メルツ: tragic song
Platten: Oblivion (Improvisation)
Long: Humoreske (Album spelling No. 43)
Cost: Dramatic Fantasia “Departure” Op.31

Legend Op.201
Earth Spirit Op.77

Regnani: Fantasia Op.19
Legondi: Introduction and Caprice Op.23

Aleg Sandra Whittingham (guitar)

October 13-15, 2020
Cryton College Eight Church (Midlothian, England)

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