YouTuber Brittani The organs of the late son of Leach saved 2 lives

YouTuber Brittani The organs of the late son of Leach saved 2 lives

Brittani Boren Leach


Brittani Boren Leach recently he received a very “sweet and sour” call.

The Youtube star, whose newborn child crew who disappeared in late December, has now revealed that his organs have helped save the lives of two young boys. On Tuesday Brittani went to Instagram to share a touching message about her son, while also publishing a photo of her maternity service, taken by the photographer Nicole Smith.

“I have never been around publishing my maternity photos with Crew because when I got them back, he had already made his VERY fast and furious entry into the world,” Brittani wrote in his message to the followers. “I hardly took maternity pictures because I was so ‘busy’. I’m glad I did it because I knew very little, he would have spent more time in my belly than he did. And while he was here he wanted to be with his mom as much as possible . Now I know why. “

“A few days ago we received the bittersweet call, that his liver saved a 1-year-old boy’s life and that his heart saved a 7-month-old boy’s life,” continued Brittani. “Today would be 4 months old and every fiber of my being is missing every single second of the day.”

Brittani said he had “peace” knowing that Crew “was THE miracle another family prayed for.”

“In three short months he has touched and changed more lives than most of their lives, and despite the pain, I am so proud that God has chosen me as his mother,” concluded Brittani.

Brittani’s husband, Jeff Leach, previously mentioned the donation of crew organs in a Facebook post.

“We made the difficult decision to donate crew members in hopes of helping another child and a family in need,” Jeff wrote in December. “The crew fought bravely so we could spend this time together. We are so lucky to have been here with him.”

The crew was put to rest in early January, two weeks after his death.

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