Yuri reveals that he had a cancerous tumor and it was removed

The Mexican singer Yuri has not had such a good year in terms of health, exactly a year had complications with the gallbladder, Then in September caught covid-19 that left him serious consequences and, finally three weeks ago he they found a cancerous tumor.

The 57-year-old artist revealed her health problems during a talk for a YouTube channel of the Christian church he attends. There he commented that in May 2020 got sick from gallbladder, something that is hereditary because his mother and other relatives also suffered, which he attributed to excess stress that I had at that time with the arrival of the pandemic.

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He commented that the doctor told him that his gallbladder was working at 30% and it no longer served him and they had to operate it, however, could not be operated on because he was infected with covid-19 and later, the aftermath and the loss of defenses did not allow it.


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