Zara is inspired by Letizia and Meghan Markle for its new collection

Zara is sweeping its new collection. A few days ago we showed you our favorite dresses for the spring-summer season. As well Maria Pombo I fell for one of the same clothes this week, a very ‘comfy’ sweatshirt with an ‘oversize’ cut and the print of the smiley face of the emojis. She is not the only VIP that bets on the trends of the leading Inditex firm. In our country, Queen Letizia is one of those who from time to time is seen with a look from the textile house directed by Amancio Ortega.

What we had not fallen into so far is that behind the outlines of Zara’s brand-new proposals there could be a source of royal inspiration. And we have found a dress that closely resembles a creation that the Queen wore a few months ago during her holidays in Palma de Mallorca.

Dress from the spring collection of Zara / Zara

This midi dress with a round neckline and wide armhole sleeves, with an elastic waist and adjustable with drawstrings belongs to Zara’s spring-summer collection and just seeing it has inevitably reminded us of the one that Mrs. Letizia wore in August 2019 during the 38th Sailing Regatta Copa del Rey MAPFRE held on the Balearic coast.

Adolfo Domínguez dress by Letizia, worn in Palma de Mallorca, in 2019 / Gtres
Adolfo Domínguez dress by Letizia, worn in Palma de Mallorca, in 2019 / Casa Real

That day, the Asturian woman used one of her infallible summer style choices: a dress with a bow at the waist, a flared skirt and signed by Adolfo Domínguez, one of her head designers. In its day, this garment had a sale and went on to cost 74 euros of the original 168. As usual whenever the Queen wears something, the piece was a sales success. With this comparison we do not say that the dress is a tracing but that in its lines it evokes some inspiration and resembles the new Zara collection.

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Zara and inspiration with Meghan Markle

We left Spain to see how the figure of the Duchess of Sussex could also have influenced the creative directors of the brand led by Amancio Ortega.

Green dress from the Zara 2020 / Zara collection
Green dress from the Zara 2020 / Zara collection

Pay attention to this dress with gathered sleeves, back closure and midi cut because it partially reminds us of one that Meghan Markle herself wore during one of her last acts with Prince Harry before leaving the British Royal Family. Do you remember?

Meghan and Harry in a file image./Gtres
Meghan and Harry in a file image./Gtres

They bear several similarities and it makes it clear that Meghan Markle is always dressed in the latest trends. For years it has been considered a fashion icon without question. Since the ‘Megxit’ was produced, your wardrobe has taken a 180 degree turn. Now the duchess feels freer to put on necklines, paint her nails, wear jeans, shorten her skirts and other style choices that the iron protocol of the British Royal House advised against.

It is not the first time that Zara ‘clones’ a look of Prince Harry’s wife. During the last women’s final of the US Open tennis, Meghan wore a denim dress signed by J. Crew that caused a great sensation and that Zara did not hesitate to later version in a ‘low cost’ key. It was this.

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